Quick tip: What to do after getting burns in the kitchen?

You may not believe this, but getting burned in the kitchen happens more frequently than you think. Accidentally touching the hot pan or the oven, getting a burn from bubbling oil or boiled water, we all hate the burns, especially when they cause ugly scars on our hands. Trust me, even though we love cooking more than anything, the same love won’t happen to the burning problem.

The question is, what to do after getting burns in the kitchen? Here’s how I deal with them and prevent them to leave a scar: first, gently wash your hands and the burn with fresh water, then dry them with paper towel. After that, put a little bit toothpaste on the burn, spread it until the burning surface is well covered. Let the toothpaste dry (about 40 minutes) and wash it out.

This way works for me all the time. The burn doesn’t disappear immediately after the treatment but it will after a few hours and of course, no scar ^^

How about you, have you ever get burned in the kitchen? What did you do with the burns? Please share your experiences with us xoxo

Love, Trang Quynh



  1. Terra · August 8, 2012

    mẹ toothpaste à =((( này tớ bị bỏng dầu hôm trc rán cá xong bh nó thành 1 vết đỏ ở tay ý huhuhuhuhuh :(((((((

    • trangquynh · August 8, 2012

      hoi trc to cung toan the, nhung dung toothpaste hieu qua lam, lan sau neu bi la phai lam ngay se k sao dau :))

  2. Karen · August 10, 2012

    I have never heard of toothpaste for a burn…thanks for the tip. You never know when you will need it.

    • trangquynh · August 11, 2012

      just little burns from the kitchen, if it’s worse than that, we will need a careful treatment in the hospital ^^

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