Quick tip: How to change melted butter back into solid butter?

      Butter is the most common ingredient in cooking, especially in baking. Basically, most of the recipes require solid butter in room temperature, but sometimes, melted butter is needed. Have you ever accidentally melted butter when the recipe says ‘butter in room temperature’? This problem happens rarely in the kitchen, but  if it does, how to change the melted butter back?

     First of all, you need to pour the melted butter in a small bowl then put the bowl in the fridge. When the butter is set, using chopsticks or a tea spoon, gently stir it, and put it back to the fridge. Repeat the same step a few more times, until the butter is back to solid texture. Now you can use it as usual and the problem is solved ^^

     How about you, which way did you choose to change melted butter back into solid butter? Did it work effectively? Let us know by leaving an opinion in the comment section below 🙂

     Thank you for reading the post, I hope you all enjoy it xoxo

     Love, Trang Quynh

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