Quick tip: How to store uncooked spring rolls?

     Are you a fan of Vietnamese Spring Rolls? Many of my foreign friends said they love this traditional dish and want to taste its authentic flavor instead of the modified version with European ingredients. Even I also adore spring rolls, I still have to admit that it’s a little bit complicated to make them and they will take you the whole morning messing up in the kitchen with a dozen of ingredients to chop and cut. 

That’s why when we have free time, my grandma, my mom, my aunts and me always prepare ingredients to make hundreds spring rolls. But the question is how to store them when they are uncooked in a short period of time (a few weeks)?

The tip is after rolling all the spring rolls, heat a large frying pan over medium high heat, put in a piece of ginger to prevent the spring rolls from breaking apart and keep their color lightly brown. Next, gently add the rolls in the frying pan, quickly fry them in a few minutes but don’t let them cooked, just coated by oil and a little bit set on the outside.

The last step, arrange all the quickly-fried spring rolls in a box or container, the size depends on the quantity of your rolls, carefully cover them and put in the coolest place of your fridge. And done, now you will have your favorite spring rolls for some weeks without messing up and cleaning the kitchen once or twice a week. When you want to eat, just remove them from the fridge and fry until they’re lightly brown, crunchy and cooked. Easy, right?

Good luck with this tip and enjoy making spring rolls,

     Love, Trang Quynh


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