Stir-fried Chicken with Tri-colored Bell Peppers

This is gonna be a super quick post 😉 Stir-fried Chicken with Tri-colored Bell Peppers is my every-week dish, when I get busy with my school work and still want to have a healthy and nutritional meal. And today I’ll share with you my secret recipe xD

      Ingredients (serves:4)

1. 500 grams chicken fillet, cubed

2. 3 bell peppers (I used all the 3 colors to make the dish more colorful)

3. 2 red shallot (or 1/2 of a small onion), finely chopped

4. Salt, pepper

5. Vegetable oil


1. In a large mixing bowl, mix the chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Set aside.

2. Cut the bell peppers, washed and seeds removed, into square pieces.

3. Heat a pan over medium high heat, put in 2 tbs vegetable oil, following by finely chopped shallot (or onion), constantly stir until the shallot turns lightly yellow. Add the chicken pieces, quickly stir and season if needed.

4. When the chicken is nearly cooked through, add the bell peppers (this adding time depends on how much you want your bell peppers to be cooked, if you want them to be soft and sweet, add them sooner, or later if you love crunchy bell peppers like me ^^). Quickly stir, season if needed and turn off the heat. Serve.

     Have a nice day,

Love, Trang Quynh

P/S: actually this isn’t a secret recipe at all, but have fun making this dish during your busy time, cooking lovers ❤



  1. petit4chocolatier · September 27, 2012

    Looks delicious!

  2. nvgu94 · September 30, 2012

    maybe consider stir-fry them in smaller batches and get a little more color on the chicken next time 😉 cheers

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