Yummy Sushi for Dinner

You guys don’t know how much I miss these little cute sushi rolls since I got here 😦 To economize time as much as possible, now my usual weekly meals are always simple Vietnamese dishes, or spaghetti, or bread and sausages. Even they’re delicious, but sometimes, I just miss my relaxing summer, when I could stay in the kitchen for all day long, chopping, slicing ingredients and baking. I miss the smell of cinnamon and butter all around the air, the nervous feeling while realizing new recipes and the joy when the result turns out amazing…

Last week when my friends and I were wandering around the supermarket, we suddenly saw some delicious smoked salmon packs, and what’s better for them than sushi? The ingredients are super simple: cucumbers and bell peppers (cut into long and thin pieces, soaked in vinegar, white sugar and a pinch of salt) and of course, smoked tuna ^^ After rolling and cutting the sushi rolls, put on each piece a little bit caviar to create a total Japanese style. Thanks to the yummy sushi and a bowl of veggie salad, we had a full dinner, I even brought a box full of sushi to my univ to enjoy after hours in the library xD

How about you, do you love sushi? Have you ever missed some dishes too badly but you can’t make them? I’d love to read all your experiences and opinions,

Have a nice day,

Love, Trang Quynh


One comment

  1. My Anh Truong · October 11, 2012

    Actually it’s smoked salmon ạ.
    Seeeee, who said “Tiết kiệm đi đừng có ăn sushi”? =))))

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