Salty Crepes with Cheese and Jambon

IMG_2262Honestly, I’m pretty craving for crepes these days. Not just because I still can’t use my oven (which is totally a sad news for me because I waited so long to go abroad and try to make some different dishes, well, I mean my family in Vietnam doesn’t really like dishes with cream or cheese, or like lasagna, macaroni cheese… so I thought I will benefit the time here to do them, and unfortunately, here it is, no oven here 😦 ), but also because these crepes are super easy to do and you can turn them from sweet to savory dishes just by changing a little bit the ingredients.

Remember last time when I made the crepes? I enjoyed them as a sweet dishes with nutella, bananas, jam and cream, and this time, they’re savory dishes, see how easy is that? A slice of your favorite cheese and jambon, they suit for breakfast, a simple and quick lunch, or in case you’re a hungry-all-day like me, this would be the perfect snack (but I don’t recommend this one which will make you fat and actually, not healthy at all ^^ Sometimes, yes, but everyday, absolutely a no from me, I’m already getting fatter now haha)


Okay, seems like I became more and more talkative, let’s move on to the action !!! For the crepes, you can still use the recipe for basic crepes in my previous post (click HERE to check it out), the method is just changed a little bit but don’t worry, it’s easy as pie 😉

While frying the crepes on the hot pan, when you flip the crepe to the second surface, reduce the heat to minimum and put a slice of cheese on one corner and let it melt.


After that, continue to put a slice of jambon on top of the slice of cheese, then carefully fold the crepe in half, and in half again. Now you’re done, get ready for some warm, cheesy and delicious Salty Crepes with Cheese and Jambon !!!



So that was a quick post from me, thank you all for patiently reading, I hope you’ve already had lunch or dinner, if you haven’t, I’m sorry for posting such a “cruel” thing on my blog to make you hungrier ^^

See you in the next post,

Love, Trang Quynh



  1. petit4chocolatier · January 6, 2013

    Excellent idea and tasty!

    • trangquynh · January 7, 2013

      thank you so much for the compliment 😉

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