Banana Quick Bread

Banana quick bread 1

This is just a simple sweet treat I made to celebrate the huge occasion: MY OVEN IS BACK !!! People always say you will never go wrong with Banana Quick Bread, but I have to admit that this time, I went a little bit wrong. Here comes the story: my all-the-time advice for someone who starts learning to bake (I can’t use the term “baking starter” because actually, I’m a baking starter too ^^) is measuring exactly every ingredient  and don’t try to create or substitute something, just follow step by step the recipe and you’ll succeed. That’s what she said. And today unfortunately I did the almost-opposite thing, “thanks to” the lack of measuring cups. I, well, measured the amount of flour with my…eyes and creativity: I had the 1 kg pack of flour, so 200 grams mean 1/5 of the pack, voila ! So as you can see in the pictures below, even though my bread rises nicely and its top cracks and looks great, it’s still a little bit wet inside, but it’s not the fault from the recipe (that is obvious because I used this recipe many times already), definitely it’s me who messed up with the measuring thing. Anw lucky me, my Banana Quick Bread tastes not bad at all and after some hours cooling down to room temperature, it becomes better and drier phewwwww

Reminders for me: don’t ever try to use my creativity in measuring ingredients in baking, and more important, next week I have to buy measuring cups and more cool baking stuff (maybe muffin tins, round or rectangle cake pan, brush,…), I’m getting too excited that I even start searching them on Ebay and Amazon right now, while editing this post ^^

My bread right out of the oven, it looks like nothing happened !

My bread right out of the oven, it looked like nothing happened !

Banana quick bread 2

For the recipe of this Banana Quick Bread, you can check it out HERE, trust me, it was a super simple and successful recipe, minus this time haha

See you in the next post and thank you for sharing with me the joy of welcoming back my oven,

Love, Trang Quynh



  1. Eva Taylor · March 4, 2013

    Ah yes, the rookie mistake! Baking is a science and there is no fudging if you want success. Glad your lesson wasn’t learned the hard way. Try toasting the slices and dab a little butter on top, so yummy!

    • trangquynh · March 4, 2013

      thank you Eva for the tip, hope I won’t have to use it in the future because of the baking’s failure ^^

  2. dedy oktavianus pardede · March 5, 2013

    Great for morning supper….

    • trangquynh · March 5, 2013

      thank you, I hope you don’t mind my failure this time, use the recipe, it’s super great ^^

  3. petit4chocolatier · March 8, 2013

    Wow, it sure did come out really, really good!!

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