Pineapple Loaf Cake: Easiest recipe everrrrr !!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time flies, I still remember the posts where I was complaining non-stop about my crazy busy schedule for finals and at that moment, I was hoping every single day that it will be ended as soon as possible. And now, look, my finals are officially over !!! I feel totally awesome, and most importantly, finally I can focus completely on my blog and my Youtube channel, cook more, make more clips for you guys and hopefully, these videos will help you a little bit in your cooking journey ^^

Of course I’m not an expert at cooking, well, definitely not (especially with my amateur cooking skills haha) but sharing my experiences in the kitchen with all of you became my passion, my hobby day after day. I don’t know since when but I started loving your kind comments so much, I also wanna spend as much as I can my free time to read your opinions, feedback and reply to them. For me, WordPress, and recently Youtube, became my home, with all the fellows who share the same love of cooking and food with me, and always be there when I need, to help me and make me feel proud about myself. Again, from the deep of my heart, thank you for everything, that’s all I can say, even though that “thank you” isn’t enough to express my feelings.

Anw, today I will share with you, in my opinion, the easiest recipe ever for Pineapple Loaf Cake, it uses the 2-bowls method, one for the wet ingredients and one for the dry ones. And after that, you know that, mix together the two bowls to form and smooth cake batter. As always, I hope you enjoy the video, feel free to leave a comment, opinion, and please give this recipe a try and tell me how it turns out for you 😉

And one more good news, since I’m totally free, I will make more cooking videos in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for them !!

Love and hugs (and friendly kisses if you want ^^),

Trang Quynh



  1. ginandlime · May 18, 2013

    I will definitely try this recipe, it’s mouthwatering! And you look lovely even without any mascara or eyeliner 🙂

    • trangquynh · May 18, 2013

      aww, thank you for the lovely comment, I hope you will love the recipe !! ^^

  2. dedy oktavianus pardede · May 19, 2013

    Damn i love your video girl….
    my fave is”tret..tet..tet the pinneaple loaf cake is redy to enjoy”
    is this loaf crumbled in the center???

    • trangquynh · May 19, 2013

      haha thank you for noticing that small detail, I hope you enjoyed the video ^^ and yes, it crumbles a little bit in the center 🙂

  3. Karen · May 23, 2013

    Pineapple cake is a favorite of mine. Yum.

  4. theglobalgarnishgeek · May 23, 2013

    One of my favorite cakes is with pineapple.

    • trangquynh · May 24, 2013

      thanks, I love pineapple in baked goods too, they make all the cakes taste yummy ^^

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