Quick Apple Turnovers

Apple turnovers 2Yum, Apple Turnovers are one of my all time favorite sweet treats with apples ^^ I love snacking the tiny, lovely and warm turnovers, no matter it’s winter or summer, I can eat them all year around, I swear. And since I moved to France, I found myself a legit excuse for not making puff pastry at home, because there’re puff pastry sheets being sold everywhere, in every supermarket, how cool is that !! Yes, I know, I’m maybe the laziest homecook in the entire world, even lazy for making puff pastry, but summer is truly the big enemy of puff pastry, the butter keeps melting and the dough keeps falling apart… So working with pre-made puff pastry sheets sounds much easier (I said easier, not easy, you guys won’t believe me but the weather here in Lyon is now freaking hot, 31-32 degrees C in daytime, whewww, I will definitely lose some weight after few weeks like this, great to try 😉 ), and after 30-40 minutes, you will have your Apple Turnovers ready to enjoy, and with a big cup of cold milk? The most relaxing moment of summer is already here.

Apple turnovers 3That’s the reason why since the beginning of summer, I can’t stop stocking puff pastry sheets and fruits (especially apples) in my fridge. I already made these Apple Turnovers couple times, for me and my housemates once, for a little birthday party once, I don’t even remember the others because I made it too many times, they’re just too good =p~ And also Apple Tart which is really easy to make too, some fruit tarts with fresh berries or tropical fruits, must be perfect for the summer time. Gosh, mentioning these tasty, fruity desserts already makes me hungry. But yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with puff pastry sheets recently, maybe I should try some savory dishes with them sometimes, there’re really amazing and creative recipes on some food sites so I just can’t wait to try them out.

Anw, this recipe worth a try, trust me, you guys won’t regret about the results because puff pastry, apple and cinnamon can never go wrong. And if you use pre-made puff pastry sheets like I did, then there’s no excuse for failure, because it’s too easy to nail this, so please have fun making these lovely Apple Turnovers with your family and friends, you can also try different shapes for your turnovers, round, triangle, rectangular, or even… stars if the children like that ^^

Okay, that’s pretty much everything, I will see you all in the next post,

Have a happy and relaxing Sunday then,


Vietnamese versionhttp://tastefromhome.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/banh-tao-mini/



  1. dedy oktavianus pardede · July 7, 2013

    I think your diced apple is too big for the filling,
    then you should dip the glass mouth in the fluor before using it as a pasta cutter, the pastry shees won’t ever stick anymore

    • trangquynh · July 8, 2013

      thank you so much for the helpful advice ^^

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  3. foodandteatraveller · July 12, 2013

    I will give this a try. Looks so simple to make and yummy! 🙂
    ps : I love how you make all your post in video mode too lately. so creative and more interactive!

    • trangquynh · July 12, 2013

      thank you so much for your lovely comment, and these apple turnovers definitely worth trying, tell me how the recipe turns out for you if you try it out ^^

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