Cheesy and Flavorful Egg In A Basket ;)

Since I’m pretty addicted to breakfast (I even have a strong belief that we can eat whatever we want: burgers, chips, chocolate cake, muffins, mac n cheese… during breakfast without gaining some pounds, but well, that’s obviously not the truth DX), I’m always hunting for ways that make my breakfast look fancier and more appetite (even though I will still enjoy the food in case they’re ugly). No, I’m not a ‘breakfast freak’ with the obsession of complicated and difficult dishes, bread, jam and nutella were my best friends the last year, but I do love spending time cooking in the morning, actually, I’m kinda a ‘light freak’, my cooking mood goes down when it’s dark outside and of course, with the light outside, I can spend hours and hours in the kitchen ^^ And yes, now I’m enjoying my summer vacation in Vietnam and busy hanging out with my friends, even though the weather is quite horrible the last few days, it was literally burning hot and the humidity will make you feel sweaty and dirty all day. It’s good to be home and feel that.

Egg in a basket 1

Anw, today’s dish is a quick and fun breakfast, Egg In A Basket, that I’m pretty sure everyone know and can do it easily. Some slices of bread, eggs, a round cutter and you’re ready to go !! You can make it simple by seasoning the egg with only salt and pepper, or you can either give it more flavors by adding other ingredients: grated cheese, herbs, or I even think about some chopped bacon on top for a lovely smokey flavor… And instead of using a regular round cutter, you can replace with any cutter you like, especially the heart shape one for a romantic breakfast (idk, like a couple enjoys their breakfast on bed together, I’ve seen that scene million times on TV and it’s kinda sweet 😉 ). Just change your boring routine with your everyday breakfast and try to escape of the ‘circle of life’, personally, I want my life to be filled with changes and adventures, even tiny little ones, because living everyday exactly in the same way truly sucks.

Egg in a basket 2So how about you food lovers? Do you love breakfast, do you think it’s important? Would you rather eating simply in the morning with cereal, milk, jam… or stuffing your stomach with warm and nutritious food? Let me know your opinion if you’d like, I always enjoy reading your comments and get to know you all better, maybe your favorite breakfast, something like that ^^

Please enjoy my short tutorial and have a nice weekend,

Love and hugs,

Trang Quynh

Vietnamese version



  1. dedy oktavianus pardede · July 7, 2013

    such a quicky and healty breakfast supper!

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  3. The Global Garnish Geek · July 24, 2013

    Brings back memories. I forgot all about these. My mother used to make them for me as a child. And that is a long time ago 🙂

    • trangquynh · July 24, 2013

      wow, these are definitely beautiful memories, I’m so glad hearing that from you ^^ after all, I think food is all about bringing happiness to everyone, especially the ones we love 🙂

  4. Jody and Ken · July 27, 2013

    My wife makes these for our daughter. Well, not with the salami, but close enough. 🙂 Ken

    • trangquynh · July 28, 2013

      I bet that her eggs in a basket look better than mine ^^ I hope you will have a great weekend with your family 🙂

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