Peach French Toasts

Peach french toast 1Hanoi is getting sooooo hot these days, sometimes I feel like I can lay down on the ground and turn myself into a huge grilled… thing (or use the ground as a stove and cook everything on it, such a creative idea ^^). Anw, half of my summer vacation has passed and I can’t believe time flies that crazily fast, so now I only have 1 month left here which is a little bit sad though. After that I will get back to my usual college routine, with lectures, classes and exams, oh well, mentioning all these stuff already makes me feel stressed. Of course I still have fun with that college thingy (yes, I’m a nerd occasionally), but we all know that nothing can be compared with the amazing summer with lots of plans, cool stuff to do, friends, food and drinks, trips, right?

Peach french toast 2

Okay, I think I will stop complaining and focus on what to do next month (oh this month to be exact). Actually I’m going to a dance party which is organized by my high school this Sunday, so yeah, I’m over exciteddd !! I did wish for one since forever because our high-school dance parties were always in January or February and rarely in the middle of the summer like this. And as a typical girly girl, I was drowning in dresses, shoes, make up, hairstyles the last week, which was really fun, I have my besties with me, everything is just awesome 😀 Plus, dance parties are the best, especially when they come to your beloved high school !

Peach french toast 3

So, back to the recipe today, as I said in my previous post, Peach French Toasts hurrayyyyy You know how much I love snacking, I just can’t resist all kinds of yummy, attractive snack. Even my weight won’t have that ability of stopping me. And something sugary will catch my eyes first, Cinnamon Toast, French Toast, Nutella and Banana Sandwich, cookies…, oh my god, why are there so many things delicious in this world? Whyyyyyyy ? And this time, I added fruits to my snack to trick myself into thinking that I’m eating healthy (which is absolutely a terrible lie haha), the peaches are sweet, juicy and soft, but in case you don’t like these babies, you can replace them with some other fruits, maybe apples, bananas…, I think they will be a perfect substitution. Let’s snack together !! (and then do some workouts lol I have one thing to admit, I stopped working out since I got back home, there’re too many yummy things to eat and too little time, and I was super lazy at the moment, hope that my body will forgive me for that)

Peach french toast 4As always, I hope you guys are having an awesome summer with your loved ones, enjoy it, check your to-do list and realize your plan before it’s too late, it’s August already 😉

And I will see you in my next post, really soon,

Muahhhhh :*

Trang Quynh



  1. daisy | · August 2, 2013

    Ooooh! Peach-stuffed French toast. How lovely!!


  2. dedy oktavianus pardede · September 1, 2013

    just perfect for my bruch!
    nice sweet bites!

    • trangquynh · September 2, 2013

      thank you, they’re absolutely delicious ^^

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