Beef and Broccoli

Back in the time I was still a little girl, I don’t know why but I hated eating broccoli so much and only ate cauliflower, maybe because the meals with broccoli in my kindergarden and primary school were too disgusting so I kinda had a phobia (same story with pumpkin though haha). As I grew up, started cooking and being forced to eat broccoli, things got much better. And now, I’m proud to say that my phobia has gone hurrayyyyy (well, or it’s transferred to cauliflower, there was one time my housemates and me cooked way too much stir-fried cauliflower and beef, we had to eat that dish over and over for 2 or 3 days, and now even mentioning the name of it makes me sick Dx it’s been 6 months since that time btw and we still don’t wanna get cauliflower, how weird o.O ). Anw, I still feel great for being able to eat broccoli, because I did discover that huge treasure of yummy dishes with it 😉

Beef and broccoli

And today, one of them will be revealed !! (drums and rolls) The famous Beef and Broccoli !! Who’s getting excited ? There’s definitely me, after all, I’m still Asian and I’m definitely madly in love with Asian cuisine. Seriously, you can resist that smell and that sweet, flavorful of this dish, really? Because I can’t and I’m still struggling to keep me away from it before I gain weight and become an obese and lazy lady 😀

Okay, that’s my story, anw please enjoy my little tutorial, I hope it will be helpful for you and have a nice day then,

Much love,

Trang Quynh




  1. EasyAsianCooking · October 26, 2013

    Nice Demo! Always great to see videos!

  2. dedy oktavianus pardede · October 30, 2013

    What a comfort dish, my kinda grown up recipe…..

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