Christmas Baking: Coconut Muffins ;)

IMG_4228For any season of the year, you will never go wrong with some warm, fluffy and delicious muffins (is that my own opinion ?? ^^). Even though I’m also crazy for those fancy and gorgeous, well-decorated sweet treats, but at the same time, I think some baking staples will be just great. You can imagine a christmassy and festive morning, you wake up and treat yourself with a yummy muffin and a hugeee cup of coffee, tea or hot milk, gosh, how cozy it is !!

IMG_4229These soft Coconut Muffins are a must try if you’re a lazy baker (like me haha). Well, for the holidays season, everyone deserves some relaxing days, Christmas is about having great time with your loved ones, enjoying delicious dishes, dinners with laughter and jokes, not running around in your kitchen and messing up your beautiful outfit, right? 😉

Anw, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post, and let me know in the comment section below what’s your favorite Christmas sweet treats, Xmas’s approaching nowwwww ^^

I will see you in my next post (really soon),

Kisses and hugs,

Trang Quynh




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