Lemon Baked Salmon with Baked Potatoes

Lemon baked salmon 2Hello everyone,

As I said in my previous post, for these relaxing days, the top priority for my dishes is their simplicity so that you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen (that means you will have more time with your family and friend, more time for Christmas shopping and decorating… ^^). So for today’s post, I will present to you that I’ve been loving so much the past month: Lemon Baked Salmon with Baked Potatoes !!

IMG_4039Well, there’s nothing too fancy and special here for the ingredients because for this dish, I just used some basic ones that you will definitely have in your kitchen: lemon, butter, potatoes… But personally, I think they will be the best to help the natural sweetness of the salmon shines through (of course I didn’t say multiple and complicated ingredients will make the salmon less delicious, they will make it more flavorful… in the other way, you know what I mean, don’t you? *gosh, I’m such terrible at explicating thing, blushing*)

I decided to pair the salmon with baked potatoes to add some carb to my meal, but feel free to change the side dish as your liking (a bowl of colorful veggie salad sounds like a great idea too ^^). 30 minutes for a full meal, what can we need more for this festive season ?? xD

Good luck with this simple dish and let me know how it turns out for you in the comment section below, reading your comments always gets me excited,

Big hugssssss,

Trang Quynh




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