Steamed Mussels with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Hi everyone,

Today’s post is all about one of my favorite French dishes, Steamed Mussels. It’s called “Moules Frites” in French, which means Mussels and French Fries, and since I first tried it out, honestly I became pretty addicted. Mussels are served with different kinds of sauce, in my favorite restaurant in Lyon, there’re about 6-7 (curry, Provencal, mustard…), and all the sauces are truly a pleasure to enjoy, they’re smooth, flavorful and taste gorgeous with the steamed mussels. I always wanna recreate one of them, but it’s like an impossible mission, this Steamed Mussels with Creamy Mushroom Sauce is one of my attempt, it was good but I feel like it lacks something to be as special as the one I tasted in that restaurant (well, if I were able to recreate it, I will open a restaurant, silly me xD)

That is a small story behind this dish, it’s so simple and fast to make and will definitely a lovely twist for your weeknight’s dinner if you want to impress your loved ones 😉 You can serve it with French Fries, the traditional way, or a bed of spaghetti will be a gorgeous substitution, imagine the combination of this creamy mushroom sauce and a little bit of mussel steaming water running down your spaghetti, gosh, nothing can compares to the joy of enjoying food, am I right? Yes, I am 😉
IMG_5249Anyway, please enjoy my short tutorial and good luck with this dish, bon appetit,

Trang Quynh xoxo



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