Mini German Pancakes




Hello everyone,

How is your summer going so far? Are you travelling? Or are you staying home with your family and sipping your ice tea when it’s burning hot outside? I hope you are all having a great summer. As for me, since I’m done with finals and stuff, I started working in a fast food restaurant, things are going pretty well, apart from the fact that maybe after this summer, I will lose some weight because of all the sweats from the oven and burgers, but that’s not want I will complain about, I’m paid and I’m losing weight, seems like a good combination ^^



Anw, that’s about it for the beginning of my summer, back to today’s post, I will present to you how to make these puffy and delicious Mini German Pancakes. If you’ve followed my blog since the start, you may already know that I’m not really a big fan of making complicated desserts, sweet treats, etc. I’m more into savory dishes, and when it comes to sweet treats, I will make sure they’re easy to do, no tricks, no advanced techniques, for most of the time you just have to mix everything together and pop that mixture in the oven and tadaaa, finished !!

These Mini German Pancakes are no exception, they’re simply made from the mixture of ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen: eggs, butter, milk, sugar, etc. The magic is, when they’re baked in the oven, for some reasons, they puffed up really fast and beautifully from such a thin and light batter and they’re all different and unique in shape ! I baked 2 trays, for the first one, I missed the puffing moment, I came in, checked out the oven and was like “oh, miracleeeee” (yes, I’m pretty childish sometimes), so I decided to literally sit in front of the oven and watch the whole process, I was just curious, you can understand, don’t you?


And please don’t search for these lovely pancakes’ images on Google because I will be extremely embarassed, I’m still asking myself why everyone else’s pancakes puffed up in a really…cute way and mine are so… huge and uneven in sizes, but they tasted great anw. This is one of the versatile and base recipes that you can save for yourself, these pancakes will taste great plain with syrup, and the choices are endless: sugar, honey, whipping cream, fresh fruits , jam, nutella… Imagine these for breakfast, mmm, too mouth-watering and hard to resist.IMG_6136I hope you will enjoy my short cooking video and have fun making these adorable Mini German Pancakes,

Good luck and bon appetit,

Trang Quynh



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