Vietnamese-Style Baguette with Marinated Chicken




Vietnamese-Style Baguette is one of the amazing street food that you should at least taste once if you have chance to visit my little country. In Vietnam, street food vendors always have full of containers and boxes filled with different delicious ingredients: from pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, homemade butter (they manage to make the best butter ever to go with baguettes, that soft and creamy texture and the lovely aroma, gosh, just take my money ^^) to the most flavorful meat, char grilled pork, Vietnamese ham, lemongrass chicken, Vietnamese liver pate, etc. Your choices are endless, just take a huge bite with all the ingredients inside and you will know why Vietnamese food make me feel homesick so badly 😉

So this is my poor version of Vietnamese-Style Baguette, I didn’t use too many components since I was craving for it and came up with what I had in hand (it was Sunday and nothing was opened, unfortunately). But it was still delicious and flavorful, we finished these 2 long baguettes in 15 minutes and still wanted more ^^


Have fun making these Vietnamese-Style Baguettes and let me know in the comment section below if you decided to give this recipe a try,

Happy Monday everyone,

Trang Quynh



  1. dedy oktavianus pardede · August 9, 2014

    wow, looks tasty and comforting sandwich!!!

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