Oreo Affogato (Ice Cream Coffee)


Hello everyone,

Summer’s gonna come to an end really soon and here comes my favorite season of the year, autumn !! No more burning hot weather, but also no more beaches and sun, picnic and camps, and of course, I need to go back to my school works, that’s definitely the best and very first sign of autumn 😉

So for these last days of summer, I thought i’d be great sharing with you all this cool, simple and yummy drink, Oreo Affogato (Ice Cream Coffee) ^^ No matter it’s summer or winter, it’s always the right season to enjoy a coffee drink, right? And seriously, who doesn’t love Oreos, they’re way too addictive !!


For these lovely glasses of Ice Cream Coffee, you need only 3 simple ingredients: Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream and coffee. This time, I’m using instant coffee mix, but in case you have a coffee maker in your kitchen, feel free to substitute with a shot of espresso for a bitter taste.

INGREDIENT LIST (for 2 servings)

6 Oreo cookies (plus 1 to garnish)

Vanilla ice cream

1 sachet instant coffee mix


1. Using your hands or a knife, cut Oreo cookies into big chunks and divide them between 2 glasses.

2. Put the instant coffee mix in a cup and pour in hot water, stir well to dissolve.

3. Scoop vanilla ice cream on top of Oreo chunks, then pour in coffee, add more ice cream if you’d like and garnish with half of an Oreo or a mini Oreo.


I told you it was simple to make, and I didn’t lie 😉 Under 5 minutes and you will have a nice glass of Oreo Affogato, crunchy Oreo chunks soaked in hot coffee, cool and fragrant vanilla ice cream on top, I know you’re gonna love it !!

I hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet video and have fun making this yummy drink,

I will see you in my next post (really soon),

Trang Quynh xoxo

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