Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad


First of all, thumbs up for me for trying to eat a little bit healthier !! ^^ Well, if you followed my blog since the first start, you will know that if there’s one thing I can never, ever do, is being on a diet. Even though I (of course) don’t have that attractive silhouette, I’m happy and comfy being in my magic world, food. I can try to exercise more, or eat a little bit less than usual, but give up on them, no, no, nooooo, I’d rather be chubby and joyful with my sweet tooth 😉

Considering that, a meal without carb for me is already a big accomplishment, so here’s how I’d love to do with my Cobb Salad, this is just the way I like to make it, you can substitute with any ingredient of your choice and it will work perfectly ^^

INGREDIENT LIST (for 1 huge serving)

1 medium tomato

1/3 a salad head

1/2 a medium cucumber

100g smoked bacon

1 chicken cutlet

100g feta cheese

50g sweet corn


Salt, pepper


1. Preparing the ingredients: thinly slice the cucumber, cut tomato into wedges and half the wedges, cut salad crosswise into bite-sized pieces. Crumble feta cheese.

2. Heat a pan over medium high heat, put in bacon and stir well until crunchy and golden brown, set aside.

3. Season the chicken cutlet with salt and pepper. Put the pan back on heat, using the bacon fat, pan fry chicken cutlet until golden brown both sides and cooked through. Take it out and thinly slice it.

4. Nicely arrange all the ingredients on top of the plate, gently sprinkle crumbled feta cheese on top and drizzle with vinaigrette.

And here you have your colorful, flavorful, fresh and mouth-watering Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad, ready to be enjoyed 😉

Good luck with this dish and if you decide to give it a try, please let me know in the comment section down below your opinion,

Bon appetit,

Trang Quynh xoxo

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