Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Onions


Everytime I see brussels sprouts in the supermarket, I can’t help myself saying “Oh my god, they look sooooo cute”. Remember when I was back home in Vietnam 3-4 years ago, I saw many contestants on Masterchef US using these in their dishes and I called them “mini cabbages”, because look at that miniature size, awww (and I always say that with everything in that size ^^), how naive I was back then !

So to honor that old story of mine, today I will present to you my simple and lovely Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Onion. Nothing complicated here, just 5 ingredients and under 30 minutes, you will have for your family an aromatic and delicious dish. And just one small tip from me: Be generous with parmesan cheese and lemon juice. Really generous. I’m pretty sure you will love that !


INGREDIENT LIST (serves: 2-3):

400g brussels sprouts
200g chopped pancetta
1 1/2 onions
Lemon juice
Salt, pepper
Parmesan cheese (for serving)

METHOD: Please check out my video tutorial for the step-by-step preparation and cooking process, and for this dish, don’t worry, it will take you only 20-30 minutes and super easy to make ^^



I hope you all will enjoy today’s dish, have fun making it and bon appetit,

Hundreds kisses and hugs,

Trang Quynh xoxo


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