Tasty Wanderings: Sushi Chez Vous – Grenoble, France

Full address: Sushi Chez Vous – 67 avenue Alsace Lorraine, 38000 Grenoble, France 

I randomly looked back at my old posts the other day with my boyfriend and realized that I was really into restaurant reviews and taking pictures of the food I ate. Then my boyfriend told me why not starting up that series again, so here I am with my (not really) first post of this series which I’d love to call “Tasty Wanderings”. At first I was thinking of naming it “Restaurant Reviews”, but since I’m no where near to be a food critic, neither a person with outstanding and delicate taste ; plus, I really don’t want my personal opinion to influence yours, because I always believe everyone of us have our own taste, I don’t think that one dish is good doesn’t mean you have to think the same way. My idea behind this little series is, simply, sharing with you where I ate, food that I enjoyed (or not really) and why not, we will attempt to recreate some brilliant dishes at home ! 😉

For this week’s post on “Tasty Wanderings”, I will take you to a restaurant in Grenoble, France. I came visited my boyfriend in Grenoble last weekend and for the whole week, we were planning a small road trip to Annecy (including myself thinking about what I should wear, trying on in-my-head all my dresses and stuff ^^). Obviously we were so excited to not check the weather, and it was raining non stop over 2 days, so we had no choice but staying at home. Besides the fact that we were so lazy on Sunday morning, my boyfriend is such a huge fan of sushi, I always feel like he can eat sushi everyday without getting bored of it. In case you didn’t know, I’m currently working for a Japanese restaurant (yes, even right now when I have my internship), so almost everytime he came visited me in Lyon, I brought some sushi back from the restaurant. And he’s still deeply in love with it, well :))

Long story behind the reason why we chose this restaurant, but the most important reason is Sushi Chez Vous is right next to my boyfriend’s apartment. He visited it couples of times for lunch and seemed to enjoy their food, so I thought maybe I should give it a try.


The first plus goes to their price: Sushi Chez Vous has a special offer for students, for only 10 euros, you have your sushi plate, one bowl of salad, one beverage of your choice (from a large variety of choices: from sodas to Lychee or Mango juice) and one dessert. Absolutely a reasonable price if you’re familiar with Japanese restaurants in France.

They also propose a diversity of sushi plates, each one has different components, personally I think they can cut down some plates so that customers won’t have the feeling of being submerged by the menu. For myself this time, I ordered a small plate (plateau F) with sashimi, 6 california rolls with salmon and avocado and 4 grilled dumplings.


Their salmon is really fresh, you have the choice of squeezing lemon juice over it to “cook” it a little bit but I don’t have that habit, raw and fresh salmon is always the best for me. For a Japanese restaurant, keeping their ingredients at their freshness is the key to success, and clearly Sushi Chez Vous knows that. My sushi plate was good, it was simple, basic but delicious. For your occasional lunches or sushi cravings, I personally think it worth trying. But if you’re looking for other advanced and fancy types of sushi or maki rolls, you may not be able to find them in this restaurant because as I saw on the menu, the restaurant seems to keep everything basic, maybe to suit everyone’s taste.


For their grilled dumplings, I really don’t have anything to say. They taste okay, but nothing too special, they are good but in the way of normal dumplings taste if you know what I mean. I’m quite sure they’re not homemade, but homemade dumplings served with a sushi plate, a bowl of salad, a beverage and a dessert should have costed you more than 10 euros ^^


I had a side of salad to enjoy with my sushi plate, it was simple and delicious, crunchy, balanced in flavors (with vinegar and sugar, a pinch of salt), a nice way to clean your taste buds between your sushi pieces.



Last but not least, their dessert was BOMB ! We both took their iced mochi, the first one was mango and the other strawberry with a chocolate filling. I must say that they were incredibly good, not too sweet, the outside was so soft and light and the filling was refreshing. I wish that I could have one (or two) of them every single day, or better live in a box of iced mochi forever :))

So that was my personal opinion about Sushi Chez Vous, from my own experience and I definitely will visit it again. If you have been in this restaurant before, leave a comment down below what you thought about it, your opinion and experience, I’d love to read that from you ^^

Other than that, I will see you really soon on my next post,

Have a wonderful day,

Trang Quynh

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