Tasty Wanderings: Lucien & La Cocotte – Lyon, France


  • 82 cours Vitton, 69006 Lyon (where I visited)
  • 21 rue du Bat d’Argent, 69001 Lyon
  • C.Cial Caserne de Bonne, 38000 Grenoble 


(photo: Internet)

The other day my colleagues and I decided to go out having lunch in a restaurant because the next day, a colleague’s wife will give birth to their first child so we wanted to celebrate that, and of course get all curious about the little one ^^ At first we planned to go to a nearby Japanese restaurant for sushi but we couldn’t manage to reserve a table, McDonald’s or Subway wouldn’t be the best idea and reserving in another restaurant at 12.30am was even harder so we kinda got stuck.

I suddenly remembered listening to my boyfriend talking about a really cool restaurant in Grenoble he visited once with his colleagues and that they also have other restaurants in Lyon. I searched its name on Google and you know what, I felt like I had jackpot, because the restaurant is located literally 1 minute from our office. What a catch, right? You got excited about something and voila, it’s right there and you can have it without any effort.

Fullscreen capture 6172015 93913 PM.bmp

The first thing that catches my eyes was the look of Lucien & La Cocotte, really cozy and well decorated with two main colors: orange and brown, from their ceiling, their wall art to their chairs and tables. I’m always intrigued by the look of everything, so one big plus before getting to know their food.

In a gloomy and rainy day, nothing is better than a warm welcome, and that was what we had in Lucien & La Cocotte. Even though we were in the middle of the lunch service and there was a small queue waiting to order, they took their time to explain to us about their dishes of the day, how things work, choices we have for desserts, etc., and I truly appreciated it. From my experience of working in restaurant, sometimes when you have so many customers, you tend to talk less and focus more on your work.

And I bet you will get excited just like I did the other day when you understand how Lucien & La Cocotte works. One simple word: Chicken, every dish they serve in their restaurant is based of chicken. They have a large variety of dishes, from European, American to Asian ones, from what I read on their website, the owners love travelling and recreating dishes from where they visited. Each week, they serve around 3-5 specific dishes, everything is homemade using the best quality chicken, so basically you can come back the week after and try out all brand new dishes. The day when I stopped by, they had Basquaise, Thai Chicken and another one that I, for some reasons, can’t remember the name.


I got lucky again because their price was reasonable (trust me, I live in Lyon quite long time enough to see how crazy restaurants, with even not-so-good-food, can get with their prices). For 9,90 euros, you will have one chicken dish along with two side dishes of your choice (potatoes, grilled tomatoes, zucchinis, broccoli, rice, baked beans…), one beverage and one dessert. In French, “cocotte” means casserole, so your food will be served in a small casserole, and now it all feels like comfy homemade goodness.


I ordered for myself Thai Chicken, for side dishes, I chose broccoli and steamed white rice. At first, I thought the casserole was a little bit small for a serving, and apparently I was wrong. They serve the “right” amount of food, just enough for you to be full but not guilty for eating too much. My Thai Chicken was delicious, not in a sophisticated way but as a warm, comfy and delicious homemade dish. Well seasoned, flavorful, tender and juicy chicken, I just wish it could be more spicy for a real kick, but overall, I was totally satisfied about my meal. I left some broccoli because I find them a little bit too sour for my taste, I can’t wait for next time to revisit the restaurant again and try out their new chicken recipes and other side dishes. How cool it is when you know there’s always something new for you to discover 😉



For dessert, it’s my honor to present to you my blueberry muffin, oh my, there should be an award for the best dessert in restaurants because this one deserves one !! I don’t know if it’s homemade or not, if it is, I’m dying to know the recipe which I will never have, if not, I volunteer to order these muffins for breakfast everyday. It was airy and fluffy, not too sweet and look at that ooey gooey blueberries inside, these are to die for 😉 My colleagues had for themselves chocolate muffin and caramel/nuts one, I wish I could take photos of their muffins to share with you but that’d be a little bit crazy ^^

My muffin was so big that I ended up giving half of it to my colleague because I couldn’t fit another bite, but it was a pleasure to taste such goodness.


Even their salt and pepper are in tiny little casseroles !

So so so, another successful experience for this journey, how did you enjoy this post so far? If you have been in Lucien & La Cocotte before, make sure to leave a comment down below your opinions, and if you live in Lyon, why not give it a try, trying new things (especially food) is always a great hobby 😉

I will see you really soon on another food adventure,

Have a good night,

Trang Quynh


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