Tasty Wanderings: Shiva – Grenoble, France

Address: 49 avenue Alsace Lorraine, 38100 Grenoble, France 


Our Friday night began differently, we decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant in Grenoble, our friend works there and she complimented it so many times and we got all curious. We opted for “Bun Bo Hue“, a Vietnamese spicy vermicelli soup with assorted meat (braised beef, pig feet…), but when we got there, they ran out of ingredients for this dish (which means it’s really good and worth trying, right? ^^), plus the restaurant is quite small and crowded so we left for another restaurant.

At first we were craving for dimsum, spring rolls and stuff like that, but for some reasons we found ourselves both staring at the menu of this small and cozy Indian restaurant. Believe or not, we’ve never been to one before and never tasted authentic Indian food in our life. By looking at the menu, everything sounds delicious and the prices are quite affordable so why not take a chance to taste something new?



So we came in, picked a table and sat down. As usual, we ordered one starter to share and two main courses. Our starter made its way to our table 15 minutes later, just enough for us to finish our first glass of wine. I thought 15 minutes are okay to make me feel everything is cooked with care, imagine they bring you food 5 minutes after your order, it feels just like McDonald’s, doesn’t it 😉 For our starter, we chose Murghi Tikka Tandoori (English traduction on their website: Chicken breast pieces with a variety of spices, marinated and cooked on skewers in the tandoor), it was served with 3 different kinds of sauce: creamy mint sauce, their special sauce and another spicy one.

The chicken breasts are well marinated and are not bland at all (which I love) but unfortunately, they are a little bit dry and overcooked. I tried out all the 3 sauces, and I must say that their creamy mint sauce is addicting, it’s fresh, minty and have the right dose of cream, it’s also the one that we asked to refill over and over and they were so kind to give us everything we need. Their special sauce is okay, I’m not very impressed though, it’s sweet and sour and matches with the flavor of the chicken breasts. For the spicy sauce, you know I’m not a fan of spicy food so I gave it a quick try, and my boyfriend said it wasn’t that brilliant.



I’d be a huge mistake to go to an Indian restaurant and not order their naan, so here they are our Onion and Garlic Naan. They came in after our starter and they were fluffy, burning hot and looked absolutely intriguing. Personally, I like the garlic one a little bit more because it has a stronger flavor, but for any of you who wants a soft, fluffly naan with a more natural taste, try the Onion one. I’ve also read that their cheese naan are delicious but that was after our visit so maybe next time I’ll give them a try.


Finally our main courses make it to the table yayyy Fyi, when we ordered our food, the lady was kind enough to ask how spicy we wanted our food to be. My boyfriend said “really spicy” because it’s his thing, he usually put tons of chili sauce and pepper in his food, and for myself I chose “slightly spicy”, that will explain the next part of this post.

The dish on the picture above is Boti Massala (Tandoor-cooked  lamb specialty prepared with a curry sauce) which was ordered by my boyfriend. It was such a delight to enjoy, packed with flavors, the lamb was cooked beautifully and absolutely tender. The only reason that kept me from stealing my boyfriend’s dish was it was…too spicy. When I thought about the term “really spicy” in other restaurants, I could always take some bite and after that a sip of water, but this was a whole different level. At one moment I couldn’t even feel my tongue, and my man agreed that it was spicy for him (he still loved that heat anw). So if you’re not that good at spicy food, then be careful with what you asked for 😉


For myself, I ordered Shahi Korma (Chicken pieces prepared with almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, and cream) and instantly fell in love with it. Luckily I asked for a “slightly spicy” dish so that I could finish my main course safe and sound (with a gallon of water of course). Even though the chicken was slightly overcooked for my taste but the flavor was a total hit. It was creamy, flavorful and aromatic, I really love the way they used cream but didn’t let it overwhelm other spices and ingredients. You can still taste the almonds, raisins and cashew nuts, the surprise sweetness from these ingredients balanced perfectly with the heat and other stronger flavors. Overall it was a great dish, especially when served along with a bed of rice or naan.

We didn’t order any dessert because we were sooo full after our meal, at first I wondered if their portion was a little bit small for one, but surely I was wrong.

Weeks after our visit to Shiva, when I started editing this post, I did some research on the Internet and found out Shiva is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Grenoble, it was opened nearly 20 years ago and has been loved by many customers, what a sweet surprise right, we had no idea !!

So if you have visited this restaurant, share with me and everyone your own experience, and if you haven’t, just give it a try 😉

That’s a wrap for today’s Tasty Wanderings, I really hoped you had great time reading this post,

I will see you really soon in my next post,

Trang Quynh


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