Snowy week: LIEBSTER AWARD !!!


Today’s the first snowy day in Lyon, woohooooooo!!! Time to get out and make some snowballs, anyone’s excited for snow like me? And today’s even better because my blog is nominated for another award, the Liebster Award (such a good good day xD). Okay, first thing first, thank you so much Relaxing Cooking for nominating me, you don’t know how much I appreciate it, waited for so long for the second award, and my wish DOES COME TRUE ! Read More

First Blog Award: Wonderful Team Membership Award

     Since I started this blog and my cooking adventure, this is the first time I’ve received a Blog Award, so I just want to scream out loud and dance, and jump, and sing all day, luckily you guys don’t have to see all those crazy things xD

     First of all, thank you Relaxing Cooking Read More