Yummy Friday <3

     One more yummy post and more delicious food pictures taken by me 🙂 A beautiful and sunny Friday made me feel so comfortable, what a wonderful weather for a big, hot bowl of rice vermicelli noodles with fried fish, medium rare beef and Vietnamese vegetables ❤ I’m in love with this dish already!!!

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Tasty Sunday :x

     After a long and busy week at school, finally I have some time for myself, hanging out a little bit and enjoying delicious dishes in the restaurant!!! Personally, I really love trying new dishes in random restaurants to find the inspiration for my own dishes, not only the flavor but also the mix-and-match and the decoration ^^ So, let’s see what I got today for lunch…

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Halloween Alert (2): Costumes for kids = Cuteness overload!!!

5 MORE DAYS THEN IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME!!! I hope that all of you have already prepared a beautiful costume not only for you but also for your adorable children. But if you are still in need of a cool idea for Halloween’s costumes, this post might be useful for you ^^

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Sweetest messages for my supporters <3

It’s been more than a year since I created this blog with the intention of sharing my passion of cooking and the love of food to all the food lovers around the world. Until now, all of you and this simple blog always bring me lots of emotions: joy, laughter, surprise, excitement and even tears. In comparison with the famous food blogs I adore, I know that my blog is just little, immature and maybe not professional, but I truly hope that with my efforts and my help, you can find here what you need, confirm what you love and follow your passion. Don’t be scared to try something new, because life is a journey full of adventures and surprises…

An ordinary girl started her first food blog with the simple photos which were taken by her phone, maybe they aren't beautiful but they are truly meaningful 🙂

She didn't even know that one day, she will have an endless passion of cooking, she just followed her heart and did what she truly wants...

I just wanna let all of you, my supporters know that you mean everything to me. Every time I feel exhausted, every time I wanna give up and stop trying, I just check out this blog, read over and over the old posts, the lovely comments you made, and that moment, I know that I’m not alone in my journey, I always have many persons besides me who will be there when I need.

Every day, I try my best to keep this blog helpful and inspiring, because you guys deserve the most amazing posts and pictures thanks to your kindness and your love of food. I even searched information, started learning how to use different things to make my blog more appealing and professional, and I’m happy when I’m doing that.

For the millionth time, thank you for supporting me and my blog xoxo

Sweetest hugs and kisses from me

❤ Trang Quynh

P/S: The next post will be published very soon, so stay tuned!!!

Autumn’ Favorites

As we all know, autumn is already around us, and this is my favorite season of the year. Cool weather, chilly winds, wonderfully sunny…, everything just makes me feel sooooo in love ❤ I always wanna wear a colorful cardigan, then go out and enjoy my beautiful autumn’s days outside. Wandering around some old streets, some bookstores, sipping a huge cup of hot chocolate with a slice of cake or smelling the delicious food everywhere… can anyone have the courage to deny all these amazing things?

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Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Part one: PEOPLE

I recently have a wonderful trip to Malaysia and Singapore which brought me so much feelings and so many things to remember, one of these things is the kindness of people in there. After 1 week traveling and discovering the Malaysia and Singapore’s culture, I was extremely impressed by them and their wonderful personality. I suddenly realized I was thinking too much, wondering too much, all I should do is enjoy my life and help people around me, just like Malaysians and Singaporeans did for me. Sometimes, I really don’t think that I can do all of that, maybe I’m still too selfish and greedy, and I wanna become better.

One time, after wandering around on Orchard Road – paradise of shopaholics in Singapore, we decided to come to the hotel by bus because everywhere is so crowded, especially in the taxi station, and if we choose taxis, we will spend lots of money. Someone asked a Singapore’s man who’s waiting for the bus with his mother, he tried to read all the information of buses and told us there isn’t a bus to our hotel, we should catch the MRT to go to Novena, a nearby street, then catch a taxi there. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to catch MRT because there are too many rails and it’s really complicate. Read More

FrancoFête season 2

As I promised, I’m gonna write a post about FrancoFête (FF) season 2 to tell you guys how I feel about this annual show of students who learn French in Hanoi – Amsterdam high school. Maybe this post is a little bit too late cuz our performance was on last Sunday, but after all, I wanna say thanks to all of you, every single one, for giving such a wonderful time to me. I’m sure that I’ll never forget that moment, when we all were standing on stage, singing out loud, crying and hugging everyone…..

I planned to write a long post, with full of emotions, but when I see those pics again, everything in my mind are just messed up, I’m too emotional to organize them and describe to you guys 🙂 But from the deep of my heart, I know that our performance in the auditorium 700 seets is not the end, right? We are all together, and we can do everything. Not only the auditorium in our school, we’ll definitely rock in other stages and blow away the Opera Houseeeee!

FrancoFête season 2 truly brings us closer to each other. I could see the enthusiasm in the eyes of everyone, and the love which filled that auditorium. After all difficulties, we made it, the first musical comedy “Romeo&Juliet” in Vietnam. I’m too proud of us ❤ Honestly, at first, I didn’t believe that we can do it because it’s too complicated and we need to focus on our school work (actually it does influence to our school work xD), but the reality demonstrated the opposite thing 😡

Me with beautiful yellow dress and a friend 🙂

With another friend 😀


Hihi, I started to like wearing long dress 😀 Even I don’t like the color yellow but I looked not bad, right? That is a good opportunity for me to show my make up and create hairdo skills (I also did for my best friends). Anyway, love FrancoFête season 2 so much, and I WANT THE CD!!!!!

After the show with my old friend =)

Old friends >:D<

Let’s start the countdown: 100 DAYS TILL OUR NEXT PERFORMANCE!!!!!

My first cake :x

So HERE IT IS, my first cake since I bought the new oven ^^ The last time, I tried to make cookies, even they’re delicious but too ugly, so I decided not to upload the pics on this blog. I planned to bake for a long long time, but I was too busy with our FrancoFete season 2, sorry you guys about that =( Anyway, I had a wonderful time with it, I’m gonna write a post soon and upload some pics. Excited?

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Hey guys, welcome back to my foodie blog =D School time is back, so I can’t publish posts frequently like I did during Tet. But I’ll keep updating by making at least one brand new dish per week and replying to your top searches or comments. Moreover, I check my blog everyday, so don’t be worried if you don’t understand something, just feel free and ask me, okay? I promise I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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Happy Lunar New Year >:d<

Finally Lunar New Year is here \m/ As you know, this year is the year of the cat (that reminds me of fat kitteh lol) so I’m really excited cuz cat is my favorite animal ever, and maybe I’ll be luckier, I guess 😉 New year is always the time when everyone loves spending all their time with their family after a long tiring year. Preparing for Tet, cooking many delicious dishes, visiting the cousins or going to the temple, all these activities make your first days of new year unforgettable. Someone may think that these activities repeat every year and they’re quite boring, but when you’re not with your family during Tet, I’m sure that you’ll miss every single thing 🙂

For the new year, I hope your year will be filled with full of luck and joy. To the ones I love or even I don’t, wish you all the best cuz everyone deserves a happy new year whoever they are. Realize your dreams, follow your passion, stay strong and keep moving forward. Don’t let anyone or anything let you down, because you guys are awesome. I can’t write my wish for each of you on Twitter or on Facebook, but from the deep of my heart, I remember all of you, trust me >:D<

Moreover, thanks for supporting me in the whole year and visiting my blog. And thank all my friends to post many sweet things on my Facebook wall or on Twitter. That made my day 😀 You guys are sooooo wonderful and I’m really, really happy that I’m surrounded by all of you. I know that my ‘thanks’ is not enough for your love to me. I’ll work harder this year and try my best to cook more delicious dishes and publish more foodie posts xP

First meal of the year ^^

look at this, so yummy =p~

I'm so proud of this cuz this's made by me and my grandma xD

One more time, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! Hope ya’ll have a great Tet time with your family, your friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever happens to you, I’ll always on your side, okay? >:D< Hihi, now I need to change my clothes and I’m gonna go to the temple with grandma at 3, yayaya 😡

Love you guys

xoxo Trang Quynh


One more pic 😡