Jamie Oliver’s Sausage Carbonara

Sausage carbonara 1

Back to 2010, when I first started this blog and well, honestly, begin cooking (I was…15 that time, so please don’t blame me if I was too lazy earlier ^^), cooking shows and competitions were my inspirations. I spent almost my free time watching a numerous of programs on TV, such as Everyday Exotic; Fast, Fresh and Simple; Kitchen Nightmares,… I now don’t even remember all the names because I just sticked to the screen, watch as many programs as I can, they were so attractive and I think that time I was a little bit obsessed with them. I adore the way the chefs use their knives, the way they sprinkle salt and pepper over the ingredients, and of course, the huge kitchen that they have which are always filled with amazing things and look super professional. Until now I still dream of having a kitchen like that, but well, I’m still young and I can work hard for it ! Read More

Homemade “Fastfood”: Simple Burgers

Burger 1Today I suddenly crave for fastfood, I just wanna have so badly a hugeee burger with a juicy, flavorful meat patty, half-melted cheese slice and lots of mayonnaise and ketchup. But since I decided to balance my meals with more vegetables and fruits and workout a lot a little bit to get fit before summer comes (well, I have to admit that the main reason why a lazy girl like me can do things like that is because I need to lose some weight to fit look okay in my summer dresses and shorts and shirts, gosh, I should have eaten less millions years ago 😦 ), I came up with the idea of making some healthier “junk” food at home instead of buying at McDonald’s or Subway or Quick or Burger King (why do I have so many choices here, they just make my decision harder!) Read More

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork 1

Finally spring is around here everyone, I’m so glad to announce that ^^ Actually winter in Lyon is not that horrible, it was okay even though we had to suffer some crazy windy and cold days, and some snowy, but I just don’t like winter. I don’t like to put on layers of clothes and walk around like a real snowman (no, snowgirl to be exact 😉 ), with my hands in the gloves and my head in a huge wool beanie, sometimes I can’t even see anything around because of it haha My favorite season of the year is autumn, and surely, spring comes next. What’s better than wandering around my beautiful city in a sunny day, with the blue sky, oh, and how I miss the sun-feeling on my skin, it’s been such a long time. So for everyone who loves spring like me, congratulations, we’re now in the best moment to celebrate it !!! Read More

Hawaiian Pork Chops

Hawaiian pork chops 1

First thing first, I’m really sorry for not showing up frequently on WordPress these days, especially after weeks with full of recipes and new food posts. I hate to admit this but I was too lazy, not to cook but to edit all the pictures and write new posts. Fyi, last week I made 3 new dishes, took a dozen of pictures but thanks to my awesome ultimate laziness, they weren’t transferred to computer and edited until yesterday. Of course, the obvious consequence is that I had to choose the best pictures between… nearly 50 ones (or 60 I don’t even remember) and now scheduling posts for this week, but the good news is my blog will be updated and back to its usual routine (one new post every two days ^^), so make sure that you check it regularly for brand new recipes !!! Read More

Omelette with Ham and Mushrooms

Omelette with ham and mushrooms 1This will be a super quick post, I promise ^^ When you’re in a hurry or too busy to get in the kitchen and spend about 1 hour to cook a whole meal, omelette is always the solution, right? (well, at least that’s my choice, I already came back in university so yeah, the schedule is pretty tight). So today, I wanna show you how I made my Omelette with Ham and Mushrooms, maybe it’s a little bit different from the method you read in cookbooks, but I like to do it this way, less complicated and most important, it doesn’t require too many kitchen stuff (plates, pan…). You guys may not know this, I love cooking but not a fan of washing dishes, actually I’m pretty lazy to do that, so economize as much as you can the amount of kitchen utensils if you’re like me 😉

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Ham Fried Rice with Carrot and Pickled Cucumber

Ham fried rice 1

As I always said, nothing is easier than changing ingredients for your fried rice. Today with some Asian-inspired ones (soy sauce, Asian sausages, kimchi…), tomorrow with Western-style ones (butter, pickled cucumbers, carrots, chick peas…) or just combine everything that you want or you have left in your fridge. No kidding, fried rice is always a great choice when you have many things left in the fridge but nothing is enough to make a whole meal, 30 minutes cutting, slicing, mixing, cooking, and you will end up with a big bowl of warm, delicious and flavorful fried rice that everyone would die for (no, not exactly haha). At least, that’s much better than making a huge mess in your kitchen to make a dozen of dishes with one or two ingredients for each, right? Read More

Salty Crepes with Cheese and Jambon

IMG_2262Honestly, I’m pretty craving for crepes these days. Not just because I still can’t use my oven (which is totally a sad news for me because I waited so long to go abroad and try to make some different dishes, well, I mean my family in Vietnam doesn’t really like dishes with cream or cheese, or like lasagna, macaroni cheese… so I thought I will benefit the time here to do them, and unfortunately, here it is, no oven here 😦 ), but also because these crepes are super easy to do and you can turn them from sweet to savory dishes just by changing a little bit the ingredients.

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Caramelized Braised Pork

Caramelized braised pork 1

Actually I made this dish couple days ago, I decided to upload it right after I finish my finals. But the thing is, everytime I open my laptop, I check my blog and realize that it’s been quite a long time since my last post with recipes and pictures, on the other side, I just can’t resist to publish immediately my dish, it’s such a pain watching everyday all the amazing posts of everyone and not sharing anything (trust me, I had hard time dealing with this problem, I can’t even count how many times I click “New post” to write this post, then close it, then reopen, and close to study 😦 ).  Read More

Creamy Sausage, Mushroom and Tomato Pasta

Pasta is always in my top list when I get too busy with my school work (midterm’s coming up this week btw so wish me luck). After doing over and over 2-3 kinds of pasta (bolognese, creamy chicken and mushrooms, sausage and ketchup), I’m just sick of eating the same dishes so I decided to being creative (well, just a little bit 😀 ) and create some new kinds. Read More

Stuffed Tomatoes with Pork and Mushrooms in Tomato Sauce

Yes, I know that my stuffed tomatoes are too ugly in comparison with thousands of gorgeous pictures around on the Internet and food blogs. Last week, there were too many tomatoes left in my fridge, they started softening before I could do anything with them (maybe simply cut them for veggie salad or deal with the cold weather with a huge pot of hot soup). Read More