Cinnamon Toast

     My delicious, crunchy and warm breakfast for a sunny Sunday: Cinnamon Toast. Enjoy with a big cup of fresh milk, yum ~ The method is really easy: start with spreading unsalted butter all over the bread slice, following by the mixture of granulated white sugar and cinnamon powder. Bake in the preheated oven (170-180 degrees C) in 10-12 minutes until the toasts are lightly browned ❤

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Saturday Snack: Sandwiches <3

Welcome back to my blog! I’m really sorry for not updating this blog regularly like I did in the summer, my new school year has begun and honestly, I don’t have any free time for myself and my passion 😦 But like last year, I promise that I will still publish at least one new post per week, so make sure that you check my food blog weekly and update new recipes for main courses, desserts and beautiful pictures of food ^^

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Chicken bites – a modified recipe from Masterchef Australia ^^ If you love fast food such as KFC, McDonald or Lotteria but still wanna be thin and healthy, here’s the solution. I love KFC too, but I have to admit that the chickens that KFC uses aren’t fresh, they’re always kept in the fridge with tons of other things like potatoes, beef or prawn. All of us know that, but we (esp the children) consume a big amount of fast food each year, that means we also let the cholesterol enter in our stomach 😦 With this recipe, you can definitely make your Chicken bites at home, with unique flavor and vegetable oil which is really healthy.

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