Tasty Wanderings: La Crêperie du Major – Lyon, France

Full address: 12 rue Major Martin, 69001 Lyon, France 


We visited La Creperie du Major in a burning hot summer day (40 degrees C to be exact, I know right, I couldn’t believe that one day Lyon’s temperature was even higher than my hometown Vietnam !). At first, my boyfriend wanted to try a real “bouchon lyonnais“, we quickly changed up our plan because in a bouchon, you can find many perfect dishes for…winter, such as stew, soup, but no one wants to get all sweaty after enjoying a meal 😉

I came up with the idea of salads or crepes, they’re much lighter and definitely less hot ! After a quick tour around the Internet and Tripadvisor, this restaurant seemed to be the perfect spot. It’s highly recommended by many visitors and all the photos looked just amazing. So after a long afternoon wandering around stores and shopping things (one little secret is my boyfriend is more like a shopaholic than myself, we wrapped up the day with me holding some bags for him because the guy bought too many things lol)


And we got lost while trying to find this restaurant. I’m the one who always love asking strangers for directions, on the other hand, my boyfriend’d rather trust his phone than me (and other strangers 😉 ).That time our ways didn’t work, none of them. The one I asked for directions definitely got it wrong, and my man’s phone was…crazy. We literally took a whole tour and realized that it was so simple to get to the restaurant. Exhausted with our heavy shopping bags and the heat outside, our first impression coming in La Creperie du Major was “ohhhhh, air conditioner“, and please don’t laugh at us ^^

The restaurant is quite small and cozy and we were the first customers of that night. It’s decorated in a cool tone, with some beautiful and mysterious paintings on the wall. The owner (I guess) welcomed us with a big smile and the chef told us some old time jokes, the first (big) plus !!



We noticed immediately their cute mugs, according to the owner, they’re called “bolets” in French, I guess their name camed from “bol” which means “bowl” in English, so “bolets” are “small bowls“.


The first thing we wanted to try was, surprisingly, not their crepes or salads, but their apple cider. We were so thirsty after a long afternoon walking around, and the owner encouraged us to try the apple cider, so why not? It’s slightly pricey (7 euros for 500ml, but I totally got that because in most restaurants in France, beverages are always around that price, or even more), but definitely worth it. It was sweet and really tasty, you won’t even have the feeling that you’re drinking alcohol. With some ice cubes, mmm, this is what I want everyday for summer, unless the fact that I will be high all day lol


Move on to the main dishes, we were so relieved after taking a look at their menu. Everything is quite affordable, they have some sorts of salad which sound delicious at around 11-12 euros, but since we knew that they’re well known by their crepes, we let their salad on the side. For the savory crepes, approximately 15 different choices from 8-12 euros, and we decided to choose two of their most expensive ones because we wanted to see their best performances and they are not that pricey (trust me, there are restaurants whose entrees cost you 50 euros, and that is something I never dream of, even in my craziest dreams 😉 ).

The first one I ordered for myself is served with Creamy Baby Scallops, a side of salad and some spoonfuls of tomato sauce. And gosh, that was beautifully cooked !! One of the most delicious things I’ve tasted in France, and I’m not exaggerating. The baby scallops literally melted in your mouth, gorgeous and balanced creamy sauce, everything was really well seasoned. Their salad was served in a crunchy edible bowl with a light vinaigrette, tomato sauce wasn’t that extraordinary but still a big plus for using side dishes and sauces to balance out the creaminess from the scallops. I enjoyed my dish til the last bite and didn’t let anything on the plate, even a piece of salad 😉



And this is what my boyfriend ordered, Crepe with Seared Duck Breast, Apple slices and Creme Fraiche sauce. Look at how gorgeously decorated it is !! When the owner brought this plate to us, we coudn’t hide our stunned faces ! 4 thick slices of seared duck breast, cooked to perfection, juicy and slightly pink inside, tender and sooo flavorful. We were impressed by the quality of their ingredients and savored every single bite. We did try each other’s dish but you know, not that much because we were 100% focus on our own dish lol


We were full after our main dishes but decided to share one of their sweet crepes anyway for dessert, Frangipane, Raspberry sauce and powdered sugar. It was a little bit too sweet for me though, because normally I always cut down to 2/3 the amount of sugar in my baking recipes.

Overall, it was an amazing experience testing out this restaurant, we will definitely come back to try out their other dishes (that’s me, my boyfriend, on the other hand, will stick with his Seared Duck Breast, that’s what he said :D)

I’d give this restaurant 4.5/5 for their delicious food and efficient service 😉

So will you choose this restaurant for your next food stop? If you do, let me know in the comment section below your opinion and share with others your experience,

And I will see you all in my next post,

Kisses and hugs from Lyon,

Trang Quynh

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