Nutella Stuffed French Toasts with Strawberry Sauce


I always love having a full and delicious breakfast and sweet treats definitely stole my heart. Even though back in Vietnam, we are more likely to have savory dishes, such as Vietnamese sandwiches with assorted fillings (pork pate, Vietnamese ham, fried egg, char siew pork, pickled vegetables…), the world famous Pho, noodle soup, sticky rice…, Read More

Cheesecake Brownies


My attempt to make the classic Cheesecake Brownies and it was a success hurrayyyyy Everyone who has tasted it, loved it and that, as usual, made my day. The brownie layer is moist, chocolatey, while the cheesecake one adds a touch of intriguing sourness, the combination of those two layers are just heaven. Read More

Apple Brioche French Toasts with Salted Caramel Sauce


For the holiday season, when it’s freezing cold outside and you just don’t have the mood to do anything or bundle up with a bunch of clothes to go outside, some warm and delicious sweet treats may be one of the best ideas đŸ˜‰ I came up with these tasty Apple Brioche French Toasts with Salted Caramel Sauce a random morning, Read More

Fluffy and Buttery Belgian Waffles


That one rare morning, when I woke up on a Wednesday morning will full of plans to do outside, for some reasons, it was raining. Not like a short and sweet rain in autumn but it was really heavy and the sky is so gray that makes you want to get back to bed immediately. And I did (yes I’m lazy but I couldn’t stop it :<). Read More

Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting


Happy Weekend food lovers !! ^^

Today in my kitchen, I will bring back the famous couple of baking and sweet treats: Chocolate and Banana !! Yes I know, I kinda have a serious obsession with it, from my all time favorite breakfast Nutella and Banana Sandwiches, my Chocolate Banana Bread to the Banana Chocolate Smoothie I order everytime, Read More

Mini German Pancakes




Hello everyone,

How is your summer going so far? Are you travelling? Or are you staying home with your family and sipping your ice tea when it’s burning hot outside? I hope you are all having a great summer. As for me, since I’m done with finals and stuff, I started working in a fast food restaurant, things are going pretty well, apart from the fact that maybe after this summer, I will lose some weight because of all the sweats from the oven and burgers, Read More

Apple Pie Parfaits


Spring and summer are always the best time for us to bring back to the kitchen some awesome and addictive sweet treats (well, that’s a good reason to continue my crave for sweet treats, all winter I’ve been always laying down on bed with some cookies and hot chocolate *blushing*). Today I will show you how to make my recent favorite sweet treat: Apple Pie Parfaits ^^ Read More