Salon du Chocolat <3

This post is for some random photos that I took in Salon du Chocolat – maybe the sweetest (literally) and most amazing event you’ve ever seen xD Many brands and kinds of chocolate were presented by the experts, people can even taste them while listening to experts talking about how to produce chocolate, what is the authentic flavor of each kind… This is such a huge chance for me, a big fan of chocolate, to know further the chocolate world, and see the passion of people whose career is all about experiencing and producing the most delicious chocolate for customers ❤

Now let’s get the adventure begin, enjoy ^^:

We were too excited getting the ticket and ready to try everything !!!

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New life in Lyon, France ^^

After exactly 24-hour flying, transiting and sitting in train, finally I’m in Lyon, France. Even though it was a little bit exhausting because of the huge luggages that I have to carry everywhere, this city is truly amazing. The weather is great, some sudden rains just made me feel home sick and remember the crazy rains in Hanoi this month. Everything is peaceful and gorgeous, I love the calm street, the small and lovely restaurants, especially the ease of using public transports. Read More

My Week in Photos

This week, for me, was a massive week, with French classes and finals, tons of things to learn and to remember, stuff to prepare for my France dream… But it’s also filled with luck and happiness, especially when I spent lots of time hanging out with my friends, discovering our city and trying many delicious street food xD

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My Week in Photos

Happy Weekend food lovers ^^ How was your week? Busy? Exciting? Last week, for me, was emotional and filled with tears and also happiness. Last Saturday was my graduation day, well, I cried a lot, hugged everyone and regretted about many things that I didn’t have chance or didn’t be courage enough to do during my high school years. But after all, I will miss every single moment in that 3 years, everything has an end, but feelings and love won’t be over, they’re just the beginning for something new and more wonderful 🙂

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Terminal Year, please be nice to us…

65 days… 65 days then I will leave high school, begin my new adventure, start following my dreams and become a true adult. I used to be very excited, I want the time to go faster and faster, just to see how I’m gonna go through everything and what I’m gonna do with my life. But these days, I can’t stop thinking about my last days in high school, about my friends and all the things I have in 3 wonderful  years. And honestly, I’m not ready yet, not ready for the future, and most importantly, not ready to leave my high school life. Terminal Year, please be slow and be nice to us…

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Life is all about how you enjoy it <3

Life is not always easy for everyone. In some ways, it likes to put obstacles and difficulties in our lives, just to see how we survive, how we love everything around us and try our best to enjoy the wonderful things we have. After all, life is all about how we choose to be and what we plan to do. If you wanna keep it simple, it will be. But if you’re scared to live, to dream and discover, then you will never go through all the difficulties. And for me, I chose to cherish all the beautiful moments in my life, so that I won’t be regret for anything, and whenever I’m tired and wanna give up, I will remember them and continue fighting 🙂

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Lovely Brownies <3

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ❤ From Trang Quynh Food Blog, I hope all of you will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your lover. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, so for everyone who has a boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t forget to let your dear ones know how much you love them. And for the other ones who’re still finding a true love, don’t be worried because you will definitely find your prince/princess, just be patient and enjoy your single life ^^

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Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone ❤ From Trang Quynh Food Blog, I hope all of you will have a brand new year full of luck and joy, a year that you will successfully realize your dreams and follow your passion. And of course, don’t forget to spend your time with your family and your loved ones, because after all, they are the most wonderful presents in the world ^^

In Vietnamese tradition, children will receive red envelopes with a little amount of money from the adults during Tet. These red envelopes symbolize the luck that their grandparents, parents and others wish for them in the new year. So, even though we are not children anymore (oh, maybe I’m still a kid in my family lol), I’d love to give you those lucky envelopes with my wishes inside xD

Thank you for supporting me the whole time, that means a lot to me. This year, I’ll try my best to find and cook as many new recipes as I can, so please, keep helping me in this gorgeous, amazing food adventure xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh

Hanoi: Rainy and foggy day…

     For everyone who loves Hanoi, you’re gonna be in love with this city these days. Quiet, chilly, rainy and sometimes foggy, wandering around the streets and enjoying some warm dishes are just wonderful. After such a long time, finally I can see my little city in the exact way I want it to be, no more traffic jams, no more worries, people are trying to live slowly to enjoy every single moment with their loved ones.

And today, I also had chance to enjoy a new dish in a tiny “restaurant” on Le Ngoc Han street, it’s called Banh Duc Nong. Well, nothing is better than that in a super cold day, when your freezing fingers touch the warm bowl and you can smell the flavor all around the air… Sometimes, you don’t need a luxurious restaurant to feel the authentic flavor of food, it may come from an unexpected way, trust me 🙂

     One more recommendation from me if you want to try something different in Hanoi!!!

     Have a nice day everyone xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh