Steamed Mussels with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Hi everyone,

Today’s post is all about one of my favorite French dishes, Steamed Mussels. It’s called “Moules Frites” in French, which means Mussels and French Fries, and since I first tried it out, honestly I became pretty addicted. Mussels are served with different kinds of sauce, in my favorite restaurant in Lyon, there’re about 6-7 (curry, Provencal, mustard…), Read More

Baked Salmon with Sesame Sauce

Sesame salmon 1You all may already know that I’m not really a big fan of seafood. I’m kinda lazy when it comes to eating seafood and I feel totally okay eating other kinds of meat over and over again. Yes, that isn’t good for my health and isn’t nutritious, so I always try my best to add seafood into my daily meals. Read More

Lemon Baked Salmon with Baked Potatoes

Lemon baked salmon 2Hello everyone,

As I said in my previous post, for these relaxing days, the top priority for my dishes is their simplicity so that you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen (that means you will have more time with your family and friend, more time for Christmas shopping and decorating… ^^). Read More

Updated: Company Prawn and Mushroom Pasta [Tutorial]

Hi everyone,

How’s your summer going so far? Is is great? Are you travelling, discovering new places or spending your precious time with your loved ones? I hope you’re enjoying your wonderful summer and your to-do list will be filled with awesome and adventurous ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anw, this is an updated post for my Company Prawn and Mushroom Pasta which was published a while ago, I’ve made a quick and simple tutorial for it recently and I want to share it with you guys, so please enjoy and have fun making this dish in your home kitchen ^^

That’s about it, pretty short in comparison with my other posts, but since it’s just an updated one, I’m pretty sure that you don’t want me to write a thousand words and brag about my crazy life lol

Of course, I will see you in my next post,

Hundreds kisses and hugs,

Trang Quynh

Baked Salmon in Cheese Sauce & Mashed Potato

Whew, finally it’s Friday, I hope you all had a week filled of luck and joy, and most importantly, profit the weekend as much as you can with your loved ones ^^ When it comes to weekend, I always want to spend time with my family, but since I moved to France for my studies, I love spending it to relax and cook, you know that, I enjoy cooking more than everything ๐Ÿ˜‰ Read More

Shrimps in Basic Tomato Sauce

Shrimp 1I always love dishes with much sauce, especially when it comes to seafood which can give you extra flavorful sauce and a lovely aroma when they’re still hot (well, minus the part that the aroma sticks on your clothes and you will smell exactly like a huge shrimp or fish ^^). I usually pour some spoons of sauce over the white rice and then mix everything together, mmmmm, how I love enjoy a mouthful spoon of saucy rice and then a bite for the shrimps ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you know why I chose this dish for today, Shrimps in Basic Tomato Sauce. It’s simple, delicious but still flavorful and especially, has much sauce for me !!! Actually at first I decided to go for Shrimp Creole, but I realized that my kitchen runs out of bell peppers and some other ingredients, so as always, I made a little twist, good plan huh xD

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Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and sour fish 1

Hi everyone,

After my recent post on Sweet and Sour Pork, I think it’d be great to show you one more recipe for sweet and sour dishes to demonstrate how easy it is to change the kind of meat and access to your endless choices: from pork, chicken… to seafood such as prawns, fish… So please enjoy this post xoxo Read More

Curried Prawn Fried Rice

Curried fried rice 1If there’s one thing that I recommend you to store in your kitchen, that would definitely be curry powder. Trust me, I’ve been through the craziest situation in the kitchen (no oven, if you know what I mean ^^, and yes, good news, I HAVE MY OVEN BACK yayyy), and curry powder was an effective helper for me. Apart from a variety of curry, it gives you many more choices. Curry powder can be used as a spice for marinade (chicken or fish match really great with this kind of dishes), or like this time, as a stunning touch for your usual fried rice. I gotta say that it was a hit, I’ve never tried adding curry powder to my fried rice, but I think since now, I’ll start being curry-addicted !!! It didn’t only give the rice a beautiful, intriguing yellow color but also a nice aroma and a flavorful taste. I’m pretty sure that this Curried Prawn Fried Rice will be a not-bad choice for your lunch or late dinner, especially for some cozy winter days ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Read More

Tom Yum Goong

Tom yum goong 1If you love Thai food, maybe you already know about this dish, Tom Yum Goong, and how it tastes like. But in case you don’t know about it, thanks to Wikipedia (yay!), now it’s able for me, who is truly and honestly terrible at explaining things, to tell you what it is. According to Wikipedia, Tom Yum is a spicy clear soup typical in Laos and Thailand and is widely served in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and has been popularized around the world. It’s characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragnant herbs used in the broth (lemongrass, ginger…). And finally (that’s the most important part ^^), Tom Yum Goong, or Tom Yam Kung is the most popular version of Tom Yum, is made with prawns as the main ingredient.

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