Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad


First of all, thumbs up for me for trying to eat a little bit healthier !! ^^ Well, if you followed my blog since the first start, you will know that if there’s one thing I can never, ever do, is being on a diet. Even though I (of course) don’t have that attractive silhouette, I’m happy and comfy being in my magic world, food. I can try to exercise more, Read More

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwich 1

Hamburgers/sandwiches have became my obsession lately, they’re so easy, simple and fun to make, and of course, super delicious =p~ Today, I came up with the lovely Pulled Chicken Sandwiches which were inspired by celebrity chef Paula Deen. At first, when I read the recipe, I was a little bit confused because chicken breasts sound really dry, especially when they’re cooked in nearly 1 hour. But finally, the result turn out just amazing, the pulled chicken are soft, tender and flavorful, I served my sandwiches with fresh salad (salad+ caesar dressing), a pinch of shredded cheese and mayonnaise, mmmmm, they truly deserve thumbs up !!! Read More

Nutty Orange Chicken Salad

Nutty orange chicken salad 1

When it comes to salad, I always love trying new flavors. I easily get tired of usual ones with the same dressing over and over, day after day, and along with it, the same ingredients. Personally, I really think that salad plays an important role in every meal, it isn’t just a side dish but well matching with the main dish, they will contribute the maximum appetite.  Read More

Potato Salad

For some crazy reasons, I accidentally bought more than 2 kg of potatoes even though we’re only 3 girls. After rushing up to use them in as many dishes as we can, vegetable soup, French fries, baked potatoes,…, here’s the next way I chose to, hopefully, end up this super long “potato time”: Potato Salad.

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