Tasty Wanderings: La Crêperie du Major – Lyon, France

Full address: 12 rue Major Martin, 69001 Lyon, France 


We visited La Creperie du Major in a burning hot summer day (40 degrees C to be exact, I know right, I couldn’t believe that one day Lyon’s temperature was even higher than my hometown Vietnam !). At first, my boyfriend wanted to try a real “bouchon lyonnais“, we quickly changed up our plan because in a bouchon, you can find many perfect dishes for…winter, Read More


Nutella Stuffed French Toasts with Strawberry Sauce


I always love having a full and delicious breakfast and sweet treats definitely stole my heart. Even though back in Vietnam, we are more likely to have savory dishes, such as Vietnamese sandwiches with assorted fillings (pork pate, Vietnamese ham, fried egg, char siew pork, pickled vegetables…), the world famous Pho, noodle soup, sticky rice…, Read More


Tasty Wanderings: Shiva – Grenoble, France

Address: 49 avenue Alsace Lorraine, 38100 Grenoble, France 


Our Friday night began differently, we decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant in Grenoble, our friend works there and she complimented it so many times and we got all curious. We opted for “Bun Bo Hue“, a Vietnamese spicy vermicelli soup with assorted meat (braised beef, pig feet…), but when we got there, they ran out of ingredients for this dish (which means it’s really good and worth trying, right? ^^), Read More


Ginger Honey Chicken Wings


Last week, my boyfriend and I got a little weekend getaway to Annecy, France. That beautiful little city is called the “little Venice”, and since my boyfriend has never been there so we decided to go together (I visited Annecy with my friends more than a year ago but well, everyone says that it’s different when you travel with your loved one ^^) Read More


Tasty Wanderings: Lucien & La Cocotte – Lyon, France


  • 82 cours Vitton, 69006 Lyon (where I visited)
  • 21 rue du Bat d’Argent, 69001 Lyon
  • C.Cial Caserne de Bonne, 38000 Grenoble 


(photo: Internet)

The other day my colleagues and I decided to go out having lunch in a restaurant because the next day, a colleague’s wife will give birth to their first child so we wanted to celebrate that, and of course get all curious about the little one ^^ Read More


Tasty Wanderings: Sushi Chez Vous – Grenoble, France

Full address: Sushi Chez Vous – 67 avenue Alsace Lorraine, 38000 Grenoble, France 

I randomly looked back at my old posts the other day with my boyfriend and realized that I was really into restaurant reviews and taking pictures of the food I ate. Then my boyfriend told me why not starting up that series again, so here I am with my (not really) first post of this series which I’d love to call “Tasty Wanderings”. Read More


Creamy Asparagus and Pancetta Tagliatelle


Hello hellooo !!

As I begin my internship last week (which is so cool, everybody is absolutely sweetheart and until now, I’m still happy with it ^^), I have back my habit of bringing my lunchbox to work ;) Normally in the school year, I was lazy and always ended up grabbing a little sandwich or having McDonald’s or Subway. Read More