Flavorful Grilled Chicken

In summer, I always love making dishes which are delicious, flavorful and simple to prepare at the same time. Staying in the kitchen for hours, sweating and losing the appetite is not a good idea at all, especially when physical activities and the high temperature took a lot of energy from you.

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Russian Rolled Cabbage

Russian Rolled Cabbage is one of the dishes that I learned from my parents who live in Russia for more than 20 years. Each time they’re back to Hanoi or I go to Russia visiting them, they taught me some basic and traditional Russian dishes, such as Russian salad, cabbage rolls or potato soup. Sometimes I just follow my parents in the supermarket, watch them choosing the delicious ingredients for their meals, I still remember that I was really impressed by hundreds kinds of sausages which are made from different parts of pork or beef, hung up all around the store…

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Pan-fried Pork with Spices

Summer is literally burning me these days. The temperature usually reaches up to 40 degrees C, I go out and feel like a ninja in several layers: shirt, shorts, long sleeve top to protect my skin, hat, glasses and sometimes even gloves. For everyone who’s surfing this awful weather like me, here are some tips for you:

1. Never go outside between 1-3 pm when the sunlight is extremely toxic.

2. Always put in your bag a long sleeve top or thin jacket and of course, a hat.

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Pumpkin and Meat Balls =p~

Pan-fried meatballs are always the favorite food of children, they can eat them all the time, with spaghetti, hamburgers or even rice, while vegetables are definitely not. So how can we do to add vegetables in their check list? In one of my previous post, I presented a way to do it (click HERE to check it out), and today, I will show you one more way: Pumpkin and Meat Balls!

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Tandoori Chicken <3

Summer is nearly coming to an end. My new school year will start next week, maybe the first month will be normal, then I’ll get busier and busier 😦 I don’t even know if I still have enough free time to take care of this food blog regularly because this year is my last year in high school, and I’m a little bit worried about my future, my plans and my decisions which can change everything in my life. Anw, I will try my best to pass this difficult year and enjoy all the best, and also the last moments in high school with my beloved friends =)

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Asian Chicken Salad

Salad is one of the best ways to add vegetables in each meal. Moreover, each kind of salad will match and be served with different main courses, contribute a wonderful, juicy and soft flavor to that main course. I always believe in the power of salad, especially when they’re enjoyed with grilled meat or pan-fried meat. Today, I introduce to all of you a stunning, yummy, delicious salad: Asian Chicken Salad ^^

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Chocolate Chip Cookies =D

These Chocolate Chip Cookies are all what you need after a long tiring day  with a big cup of hot chocolate or a tall glass of milk ❤ Your kids will also love them in their lunchboxes or share with their friends as an after school snack. Instead of regular chocolate chips, you can also use chunks of chocolate to add to the batter, change the recipe a little bit to create the beautiful, crispy Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

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Asian Barbecued Chicken

These days, I love creating new marinade’s flavors for grilled meat, and luckily they all worked xD After the result of my Grilled Spiced Prawns and Bread with Grilled Spiced Pork, Vegetable Salad and Sliced Cheddar Cheese, I’m quite confident and continue inventing new kinds of marinade. This time, for an Asian Barbecued Chicken, I want to use Asian ingredients to make a well balanced and Asia-inspired marinade, so once people taste one piece, they can immediately realize a sense of Asian cuisine.

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Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Final part: MALAYSIA (2)

So today is one week after my trip to Malaysia and Singapore. I need to get back to my usual life, with extra classes, some projects with my friends, and of course, my passion, cooking. Even I still miss my holidays, miss these two beautiful countries and the friends that had chance to meet, I know now it’s time to focus on my own work and forget the feeling (what do you call it, jet lagged?)

But before saying goodbye to all the fun in that trip, let me introduce to you guys the last highlights of my trip in Malaysia ^^

Visit Batu in a rainy day 🙂

Then I went to Genting by cable =p~

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