Vietnamese food (part 2)

After the last post about Vietnamese food, I hope all of you understand now a little bit about our culture, our cuisine that I’m extremely proud of. If France has its delicate cuisine with Boeuf Bourguignon, Duck a l’Orange and many many stunning desserts, Italians are incredibly proud of their pizzas, pasta dishes and tiramisu, Vietnam owns an unique cuisine too. Some Vietnamese dishes are really famous and popular, like Pho (Vietnamese noodle) or Nem (spring rolls) ^^ Others appear on foreign shows such as Masterchef Australia or Masterchef US as a high-level challenge for the contestants (you can find and watch these shows for more details). That’s truly a big deal for any country’s cuisine.

mmm, this dish doesn't look good but actually, it tastes extremely amazing 😡

This is a mixture of meat wrapped in Vietnamese leaves 🙂

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Beef Wellington =p~

First of all, I need to say that this is the first time I’ve made Beef Wellington. A friend told me that this dish is more difficult and professional than any of the dishes that I cooked before because I have to do the puff pastry, moreover, I can’t see the beef inside which was wrapped by the pastry, so all that I can is guessing when the beef is medium rare. At first, I was pretty nervous :”) I did even choose another simpler dish with beef, but there’s something really attractive about Beef Wellington, esp about Gordon Ramsay. I watched like hundreds times the video Gordon Ramsay making his stunning dish and puff pastry. I watched, and learned. And here it is, my own Beef Wellington 😀

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Malaysian chicken salad :)

Masterchef USSSSSSS ❤ I’m so in love with that show, and now it’s my inspiration 🙂 Even though I know they’re better than me million times, but I still wanna try to reach their level. The way they do with the ingredients, the way they decorate their dishes, wowwwww, I HAVE TO DO THAT!!! The thing is, I’m wondering why they can remember sooooo many recipes, and they can choose all the ingredients in 2’30” and cook in 1 hour RIGHT AFTER THE JUDGE’S REQUEST? They’re truly talented, and too bad I’m not. I’m just a girl who loves cooking but doesn’t have the genes of a cook 😦

Hihi, but fortunately, my family and my friends still consider me as a foodie girl ❤ That’s why I keep cooking, and cooking, and making new dishes, and they taste xD

So, get back to today last Sunday’s dish: MALAYSIAN CHICKEN SALAD. This is the very first time I’ve tried peanut butter :”> Really embarrased right now :”> Anyway, I found the way to try it differently: mix it with other ingredients to make the salad’s dressing xD I was lil scared while I was making that, cuz I didn’t cook anything with peanut butter before 😦 Luckily I MADE IT!!!!!

If you guys wanna know the recipe, leave a comment, I’ll post it as soon as I can, thank you >:d<

Do you like it?

Do you like it?

My aunt said she never likes salad, esp salad which is mixed with mayonnaise or something smooth like peanut butter 🙂 But when she tasted this dish, she changed her mind. That day, she’s an eater, booyahhhhh xD

Hihi, so proud of myself :”>

Ta Daaaaaaa

Good girl gets back to school work and dream of being Masterchef ~ Goodbye 😀