Omurice (Omelette Fried Rice)


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I’m so blessed to have a Wednesday off every week, it always feels like a nice and relaxing Sunday right after the first two busy days of the week. So instead of rolling in my blanket in this cozy fall weather (which I tried to but failed so badly, I was wide awake at 8.30am and could not get back to sleep and that should be called “college dilemma” ^^) Read More

Bacon Fried Rice with Fried Egg

IMG_5138Colorful and nutritious fried rice for the beginning of the week (well, it’s Tuesday already, I know, but Monday for me is always the after-Sunday so Tuesday can be considered as the first day of the week teeheeeee), I hope you will enjoy this recipe and remake it successfully at home ^^ When it comes to fried rice, creativity is exactly what matters so don’t be afraid of trying new ingredients and creating your own favorite kind of fried rice 😉 And please feel free to leave a comment down below sharing with me your recipe, I’d love to give them a try ❤

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Trang Quynh




Curried Prawn Fried Rice

Curried fried rice 1If there’s one thing that I recommend you to store in your kitchen, that would definitely be curry powder. Trust me, I’ve been through the craziest situation in the kitchen (no oven, if you know what I mean ^^, and yes, good news, I HAVE MY OVEN BACK yayyy), and curry powder was an effective helper for me. Apart from a variety of curry, it gives you many more choices. Curry powder can be used as a spice for marinade (chicken or fish match really great with this kind of dishes), or like this time, as a stunning touch for your usual fried rice. I gotta say that it was a hit, I’ve never tried adding curry powder to my fried rice, but I think since now, I’ll start being curry-addicted !!! It didn’t only give the rice a beautiful, intriguing yellow color but also a nice aroma and a flavorful taste. I’m pretty sure that this Curried Prawn Fried Rice will be a not-bad choice for your lunch or late dinner, especially for some cozy winter days 🙂  Read More

Ham Fried Rice with Carrot and Pickled Cucumber

Ham fried rice 1

As I always said, nothing is easier than changing ingredients for your fried rice. Today with some Asian-inspired ones (soy sauce, Asian sausages, kimchi…), tomorrow with Western-style ones (butter, pickled cucumbers, carrots, chick peas…) or just combine everything that you want or you have left in your fridge. No kidding, fried rice is always a great choice when you have many things left in the fridge but nothing is enough to make a whole meal, 30 minutes cutting, slicing, mixing, cooking, and you will end up with a big bowl of warm, delicious and flavorful fried rice that everyone would die for (no, not exactly haha). At least, that’s much better than making a huge mess in your kitchen to make a dozen of dishes with one or two ingredients for each, right? Read More

Easy Chicken Milk Curry

One more recipe for curry that is both easy to remake at home kitchen and creamy, delicious like a restaurant’s dish. This Easy Chicken Milk Curry is a great choice to replace a boring meal and boost your appetite immediately. It can be served with French baguette or a bed of rice, the only recommendation is serving it warm or even hot, that will be the best ^^ Read More

Japanese Beef Curry

     Curry again!!! Don’t know why these days I’m so in love with it, especially this Japanese Beef Curry. The creamy and buttery potatoes, soft and sweet carrots and of course, flavorful and absolutely tender diced beef. It’s usually enjoyed with a bed of rice, but I prefer dipping a small piece of bread in the curry for some seconds and gently chewing it with a spoonful of Beef Curry. Mmm, now I can still remember that beautiful moment… Besides this lovely dish, there are also many choices for your delicious curry: chicken, pork, seafood… and for the vegetarians, we already have vegetables curry ^^

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Prawn and Pineapple Fried Rice

Sometimes, changing your daily meals is the best way to boost your appetite after days being stuck with the same dishes, prepared in the same ways. That’s why you’re looking for some dishes that are close to your usual ones but easy to turned into different styles. My always-works dish is Fried Rice. In Asian, we love eating rice and everything relates to it, and fried rice’s truly a great choice. Just by changing the ingredients, we can create hundreds kinds. For Western style, use bacon, cheese and olive oil, basil or rosemary may be a nice touch. For Korean style, Kimchi Fried Rice will blow you away, it’s also one of the popular dishes in this beautiful country. For Thai style, turmeric powder, raisins and roasted cashew nuts are the best. And there are more: Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese…, they all depend on your creativity!

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Lazy Friday: Asian Pan-fried Pork and Stir-fried Broccoli with Beef

Today is totally my laziest day so far. I spent all day sleeping, watching TV, cooking and of course, enjoying all the dishes with my family ^^ Well, started my beautiful day with marinating the Asian pan-fried pork, then cooked a typical Vietnamese meal with a meat dish, a vegetable dish and a stew.

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