Chef of the week: DONNA HAY

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“Fast, Fresh, Simple”

     Donna Hay is an Australian food editor and best-selling cookbook author. Her food, recipes and styling focuses on basic ingredients, simply prepared and beautifully photographed, just like her cookbook’s name and her television series “Fast, Fresh, Simple”.

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Madras Chicken Curry with Sweet Potato and Rice

     Curry is always my favorite dish. I love the way the meat is well cooked, all the spices go through, contribute a stunning flavor and smell, the sauce is seasoned perfectly and combine with the other ingredients, such as potatoes, tomatoes… In the last time,  I tried out the recipe of Pork Curry with Pineapple and Snow Peas, it turned out really amazing and became rice killer lol This time, after checking out some recipes on the Internet, I ended up with the Madras Chicken Curry with Sweet Potato on Masterchef Australia’s website (always ^^) And again, the result was wonderful!!!

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Pork Schnitzel with Chips

SUMMER IS HERE!!!!! How is your summer? I’m enjoying my holidays (haha, not that much, I wasted the whole week sleeping and eating after a super tiring school year), but I still keep myself busy by reading books, attending to IELTS class and of course, cooking. Surfing in the Internet, checking out some recipes and reading information about some dishes’s history is truly fascinating. Today, I realized a new dish: Pork Schnitzel with Chips, but my dish is a modified version of pork schnitzel. I’ve never tasted the original version, that’s why I wish one day I could travel around the world and taste the most authentic flavor of food in their country. That would be an amazing and unforgettable experience of my life. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll publish a series of post talking about traditional dishes of each country 🙂

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Vietnamese food (part 2)

After the last post about Vietnamese food, I hope all of you understand now a little bit about our culture, our cuisine that I’m extremely proud of. If France has its delicate cuisine with Boeuf Bourguignon, Duck a l’Orange and many many stunning desserts, Italians are incredibly proud of their pizzas, pasta dishes and tiramisu, Vietnam owns an unique cuisine too. Some Vietnamese dishes are really famous and popular, like Pho (Vietnamese noodle) or Nem (spring rolls) ^^ Others appear on foreign shows such as Masterchef Australia or Masterchef US as a high-level challenge for the contestants (you can find and watch these shows for more details). That’s truly a big deal for any country’s cuisine.

mmm, this dish doesn't look good but actually, it tastes extremely amazing 😡

This is a mixture of meat wrapped in Vietnamese leaves 🙂

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Pork Curry with Pineapple and Snow Peas ^^

Final exams are finally over \m/ Even I still gotta prepare for the Delf B2 next week but anw it’s next week, right? And we can’t (definitely) waste a beautiful sunny morning in homework and worries!!! I always love the dishes which are complicated and take lots of time, moreover, I LOVE CURRY! Love the smell of the curry powder, love the flavor and the stunning color of any kind of curry =p~ Last time, I used curry powder for my Chicken bites, of course they were really yummy xD For these 2 dishes, you only use 2 tsp of curry powder, don’t over use it because sometimes, it ruins your dish’s flavor. Just a small tip of mine, hope I can help you guys a little bit in cooking ^^

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Chicken bites – a modified recipe from Masterchef Australia ^^ If you love fast food such as KFC, McDonald or Lotteria but still wanna be thin and healthy, here’s the solution. I love KFC too, but I have to admit that the chickens that KFC uses aren’t fresh, they’re always kept in the fridge with tons of other things like potatoes, beef or prawn. All of us know that, but we (esp the children) consume a big amount of fast food each year, that means we also let the cholesterol enter in our stomach 😦 With this recipe, you can definitely make your Chicken bites at home, with unique flavor and vegetable oil which is really healthy.

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