Peach French Toasts

Peach french toast 1Hanoi is getting sooooo hot these days, sometimes I feel like I can lay down on the ground and turn myself into a huge grilled… thing (or use the ground as a stove and cook everything on it, such a creative idea ^^). Anw, half of my summer vacation has passed and I can’t believe time flies that crazily fast, so now I only have 1 month left here which is a little bit sad though. Read More

Quick Apple Turnovers

Apple turnovers 2Yum, Apple Turnovers are one of my all time favorite sweet treats with apples ^^ I love snacking the tiny, lovely and warm turnovers, no matter it’s winter or summer, I can eat them all year around, I swear. And since I moved to France, I found myself a legit excuse for not making puff pastry at home, because there’re puff pastry sheets being sold everywhere, in every supermarket, how cool is that !! Yes, I know, I’m maybe the laziest homecook in the entire world, even lazy for making puff pastry, but summer is truly the big enemy of puff pastry, the butter keeps melting and the dough keeps falling apart… Read More

Fast & Simple: Omelette with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms 1

Hello everyone,

The last week was truly insane for me, I had so many things to do at the same time: revising for the midterm (which has just finished this morning, phew, hope I did great enough to get a high grade ^^), finishing tons of homework (especially the Law with 2 pretty complicated cases I had to deal with, finding suitable articles always drives me insane), preparing for a presentation… But yay, it’s weekend finally and I can have some free time for myself, blogging and chatting with you a little bit about cooking, just like all time xD I was so stressful that I couldn’t even check my blog daily the past few days, and for the new posts, to be honest, I scheduled them last Saturday so I seemed to be here but actually I’m not.  Read More

Warm and healthy breakfast: French Toast ^^


French toast 1It’s been such a long time since the last time I stayed long enough in the kitchen to make a warm and quite healthy breakfast like this. Back in the summer, when I was still at home in Vietnam, I always loved making breakfast. Sometimes, I baked some muffins which are the easiest baked goods to do (dry ingredients in one bowl, wet ones in other, mix and stir, mix and stir… voila, warm, fluffy and delicious muffins in less than 1 hour ^^). Sometimes, I heated up the oven with some bacon puffs, used my leftover bacon and cheese in the fridge and waked up everyone by the lovely aroma from the kitchen. And it would be a mistake if I don’t mention my favorite breakfast of all time, Cinnamon Toast, which reminds me of my busy high school life (yeah, I was kinda craving for these cinnamon toasts in that period and made them almost everyday, they used to be my snack before extra classes 🙂 ) and also my tiny kitchen at home with full of cool stuff (my baking tools and basics, cute plates,…)

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Salty Crepes with Cheese and Jambon

IMG_2262Honestly, I’m pretty craving for crepes these days. Not just because I still can’t use my oven (which is totally a sad news for me because I waited so long to go abroad and try to make some different dishes, well, I mean my family in Vietnam doesn’t really like dishes with cream or cheese, or like lasagna, macaroni cheese… so I thought I will benefit the time here to do them, and unfortunately, here it is, no oven here 😦 ), but also because these crepes are super easy to do and you can turn them from sweet to savory dishes just by changing a little bit the ingredients.

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Banana Yogurt Muffins

I’m always impatient when watching the bananas in our kitchen become spotty ^^ That’s the right time to get your oven ready because we will rock out with some gorgeous and mouth-watering desserts. From popular and well-known Banana Cake, Banana Pancakes or Banana Muffins, to healthy Low-fat Banana Bread, or our lovely street food, Vietnamese Fried Banana Pancakes.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

     My quick and simple snack for a lazy afternoon ^^ These Sweet Potato Pancakes are easily made with the common ingredients in every kitchen: plain flour, eggs, fresh milk, sugar, vegetable oil… Less than 1 hour and you will have for your family and yourself those warm, soft and sweet pancakes, they’re especially perfect for rainy and chilly days, when all you want is staying at home, enjoying a big cup of hot tea or a delicious home-cooked meal 🙂

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Banana Muffins

Warm and moist Banana Muffins are my all time favorite, and I’m sure people love them too! Personally, I don’t like eating bananas, but I’m always excited to see them become spotty because that’s the right time to add them in baked goods and make some delicious muffins, or a soft and airy Banana Cake.

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