Tasty Wanderings: La Crêperie du Major – Lyon, France

Full address: 12 rue Major Martin, 69001 Lyon, France 


We visited La Creperie du Major in a burning hot summer day (40 degrees C to be exact, I know right, I couldn’t believe that one day Lyon’s temperature was even higher than my hometown Vietnam !). At first, my boyfriend wanted to try a real “bouchon lyonnais“, we quickly changed up our plan because in a bouchon, you can find many perfect dishes for…winter, Read More

Amazing food site: FOODPANDA

Foodpanda-panda-on-a-bikeHello food lovers,

We all know that even though we love cooking so much, maybe more than anything in this world, we still have some lazy moments when we just want to lay on the bed, read some magazines and relax (or it is just me haha). For these moments, delivery services are always the best, some phone calls or some clicks on our phones, and boummm, we have food, I love how life is so easy nowadays, especially when it comes to food ^^

Anw, today I’d love to introduce you an amazing food site called Foodpanda. Basically,  it is a order food online platform which might be your hero when you’re in the ‘doing-nothing’ mode and help you to save lots of cooking time and of course, you can still enjoy the best foods wherever you are at home or at work. Until now, Foodpanda is now presented in more than 25 countries, you can check out the site to see if the service is available in yours. If you’re in Vietnam, then check out this site: Foodpanda.vn


The process is quite easy: first of all, you will choose your city and add your address, then choose from a massive range of cuisine types, restaurants (Al Fresco’s, Pepperonis, Baskin Robins, Gloria, your fave Asian restaurant…) , price ranges…, order food on the menu of your chosen restaurant, after that the food will be delivered, gosh, checking their site just makes me lazier and laziers day after day 😦 Besides, they also have an iOS and Android app , so you can enjoy the food delivery anywhere and anytime 😀 Oh, and sometimes they have some really great coupons, discounts and offers on food and drinks, don’t miss them if you love amazing deals.

I hope you will enjoy ordering food on Foodpanda, I’m still discovering their site and that hurts my stomach so badly (gotta find something to eat :< ),

I will see you in my next food post,

Trang Quynh



For the ones who are patiently loving and supporting my food blog, here’s a surprise gift for you: Trang Quynh Food Blog is now available in VIETNAMESE !!! I still keep updating and translating the recipes, but yeah, it will be updated super fast, maybe 7-10 new recipes a day, so make sure you don’t miss any post ^^ Love you all and enjoy the new blog ♥

Here’s the link to the Vietnamese version: http://tastefromhome.wordpress.com/

Thank you for reading and keep supporting my blogs xoxo

Yummy Sushi for Dinner

You guys don’t know how much I miss these little cute sushi rolls since I got here 😦 To economize time as much as possible, now my usual weekly meals are always simple Vietnamese dishes, or spaghetti, or bread and sausages. Even they’re delicious, but sometimes, I just miss my relaxing summer, Read More

Chef of the week: ANTHONY BOURDAIN

     “My whole life, cooking has been about control. Traveling and eating are about letting things happen.”

     Anthony Michael “Tony” Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author and television personality. He is well known for his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and is the host of Travel Channel’s culinary and cultural adventure programs Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

     My quick and simple snack for a lazy afternoon ^^ These Sweet Potato Pancakes are easily made with the common ingredients in every kitchen: plain flour, eggs, fresh milk, sugar, vegetable oil… Less than 1 hour and you will have for your family and yourself those warm, soft and sweet pancakes, they’re especially perfect for rainy and chilly days, when all you want is staying at home, enjoying a big cup of hot tea or a delicious home-cooked meal 🙂

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Sesame Grilled Chicken Wings

One more way to make marinade for the yummy, delicious Grilled Chicken Wings ^^ This recipe is inspired by Korean cuisine which use a large amount of sesame oil and sesame seeds in almost every dish. Quick and easy, everything that you need to do is having all the mentioned ingredients and mixing them together. The more time the chicken wings are soaked in the marinade, the better they are. Try it yourself!

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My Week in Photos

Happy Weekend food lovers ^^ How was your week? Busy? Exciting? Last week, for me, was emotional and filled with tears and also happiness. Last Saturday was my graduation day, well, I cried a lot, hugged everyone and regretted about many things that I didn’t have chance or didn’t be courage enough to do during my high school years. But after all, I will miss every single moment in that 3 years, everything has an end, but feelings and love won’t be over, they’re just the beginning for something new and more wonderful 🙂

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Banana and Chocolate Sandwiches

My late night snack: Banana and Chocolate Sandwiches. Bananas and chocolate are always a perfect combination, such as banana and chocolate smoothie, banana cake with chocolate fudge frosting or yummy banana muffins with chocolate topping… Enjoying some hot and chocolatey sandwiches with a huge cup of fresh milk will bring back your energy and happiness after a long tiring day!!!

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