Ginger Honey Chicken Wings


Last week, my boyfriend and I got a little weekend getaway to Annecy, France. That beautiful little city is called the “little Venice”, and since my boyfriend has never been there so we decided to go together (I visited Annecy with my friends more than a year ago but well, everyone says that it’s different when you travel with your loved one ^^) Read More

Coconut Chicken Glass Noodles


I know those windy and freezing cold days of winter are so far away and summer is around the corner, we’re now more into salad or ice cream rather than a hot bowl of soup, but for some reasons I couldn’t stop myself writing this post and sharing with all of you this beautiful and delicious recipe: Coconut Chicken Glass Noodles. Read More

Donal Skehan’s Creamy White Wine Chicken


In the battle between myself and food with cream, I never win, ever. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes using cream, either pastas, comfort food, and of course, dessert (but you know I’m not that good in baking and France is known for its fabulous and delicate patisseries). I came across this amazing recipe the other day, Read More

Creamy Pasta with Chicken and Bacon


When you see the title of this post, I know some of you thought “Chicken and bacon in one dish, are you serious?”, but yes, today they will be assembled in a pasta dish and that combination actually works 😉 And another question “Why so much meat in just one dish?”, well you’re right, there will be chicken thighs and smoked bacon at the same time, Read More

Chicken Parmigiana


One simple and classic dish that I’m pretty sure each one of you already know or have your favorite recipe ^^ Today I’m gonna share with you the recipe for my Chicken Parmigiana, really rich in flavor with chunky tomato sauce, beautifully melted mozzarella cheese on top and crispy chicken cutlets 😉 Read More

Omurice (Omelette Fried Rice)


Hello everyone,

I’m so blessed to have a Wednesday off every week, it always feels like a nice and relaxing Sunday right after the first two busy days of the week. So instead of rolling in my blanket in this cozy fall weather (which I tried to but failed so badly, I was wide awake at 8.30am and could not get back to sleep and that should be called “college dilemma” ^^) Read More

Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad


First of all, thumbs up for me for trying to eat a little bit healthier !! ^^ Well, if you followed my blog since the first start, you will know that if there’s one thing I can never, ever do, is being on a diet. Even though I (of course) don’t have that attractive silhouette, I’m happy and comfy being in my magic world, food. I can try to exercise more, Read More

Vietnamese-Style Baguette with Marinated Chicken




Vietnamese-Style Baguette is one of the amazing street food that you should at least taste once if you have chance to visit my little country. In Vietnam, street food vendors always have full of containers and boxes filled with different delicious ingredients: from pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, homemade butter Read More