Saturday Snack: Sandwiches <3

Welcome back to my blog! I’m really sorry for not updating this blog regularly like I did in the summer, my new school year has begun and honestly, I don’t have any free time for myself and my passion 😦 But like last year, I promise that I will still publish at least one new post per week, so make sure that you check my food blog weekly and update new recipes for main courses, desserts and beautiful pictures of food ^^

Today, after 2 hours working continuously, I ended up doing this stunning, delicious snack. They are super easy to make with a slice of cheddar cheese, sausages and green oak lettuce which is cut into small pieces. Mmm, but don’t underestimate these small sandwiches, they taste really good with a tall glass of fresh, cold milk or fruit juice. What a yummy snack for a busy Saturday afternoon ❤

In the end of this post, I hope all of you enjoyed your time with Trang Quynh Food Blog. Keep supporting me and my food posts because your support means everything to me xoxo

Thank you for reading this post, stay tuned for more new posts!!!

❤ Trang Quynh


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