Curry Baked Pork Chops

IMG_4687Marinated baked pork chops are always on my top list when I get really lazy. You may not believe me but this dish is a true time saver, that means you will spend less time in the kitchen and don’t have to stay all the time stirring, whisking, taking care of your pot/pan every minute. Instead of that, after 10-15 minutes chopping, mixing the marinade and putting the meat in it, you can totally enjoy your relaxing time, watch TV, sip a big cup of tea or just comfortably lay on your couch. Then comes the simplest part, puting the marinated meat in the oven and BAM, things are all done (of course during the baking time, you should take an eye on your meat to make sure there’s nothing burning, but that’s not gonna take long, right? ^^)


So just consider this dish as an amazing treat for your doing-nothing day, after all, we all deserve some laying-on-the-bed moments (or it’s just me who thinks that way lol). And whoops, I’ve just read through my recent posts and realized that seems like I’m lazy all the time and always came up with some quick recipes, bad girl, bad bad girl !!

But I still hope that you will love this recipe because it’s seriously really mouth-watering and flavorful,

See you all in my next post,

Much love from Lyon,

Trang Quynh

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